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Arthur Hailey

Datum narození: 5. duben 1920
Datum úmrtí: 24. listopad 2004

Arthur Hailey byl britsko-kanadsko-americko-bahamský spisovatel.

„Když se člověk rozhodne něco udělat, čas si vždycky nějak najde.“

„Na patologii si chirurg nacvičuje operace beze strachu, že mu důvěřivý pacient zemře.“

„Manželství v rozkladu dokáže vykřesat z obou partnerů ty nejhorší vlastnosti.“

„Proti prvnímu vzplanutí mládí má zralost výhodu rozvahy. Člověk se naučí nespěchat, objeví, že konec duhy není za nejbližším blokem ve městě, ale o pěkný kus dál.“

„Winners will be losers if they don't support the losers.“

„... a private hell was something you lived with alone, even when someone else's casual questions nudged old, raw wounds within yourself.“ Hotel

„Americans see democracy as a remedy for all ills-to be taken three times daily like prescription medicine. It works for them. Ergo - it should work for the world. What America naïvely forgets is that for democracy to function, most of a populace must have something personally that is worth preserving.“

„Don't put down too many roots in terms of a domicile. I have lived in four countries and I think my life as a writer and our family's life have been enriched by this. I think a writer has to experience new environments. There is that adage: No man can really succeed if he doesn't move away from where he was born. I believe it is particularly true for the writer.“

„Familiar things, their touch and sight and sound, had become an ache of heart—all encompassing—which filled the waking day and penetrated sleep. Strangely—and in a way it shamed her at the time—there were never nightmares; only the steady procession of events as they had been that memorable day at Madison airport. She had been there to see her family leave for Europe: her mother, gay and excited, wearing the bon voyage orchid which a friend had telegraphed; her father, relaxed and amiably complacent that for a month the real and imagined ailments of his patients would be someone else’s concern. He had been puffing a pipe which he knocked out on his shoe when the flight was called. Babs, her elder sister, had embraced Christine; and even Tony, two years younger and hating public affection, consented to be kissed. “So long, Ham!” Babs and Tony had called back, and Christine smiled at the use of the silly, affectionate name they gave her because she was the middle of their trio sandwich. And they had all promised to write, even though she would join them in Paris two weeks later when term ended. At the last her mother had held Chris tightly, and told her to take care. And a few minutes later the big prop-jet had taxied out and taken off with a roar, majestically, though it barely cleared the runway before it fell back, one wing low, becoming a whirling, somersaulting Catherine wheel, and for a moment a dust cloud, and then a torch, and finally a silent pile of fragments—machinery and what was left of human flesh. It was five years ago. A few weeks after, she left Wisconsin and had never returned.“ Hotel

„It was simply because, as a doctor, I don’t believe a drug should be taken for anything that is just uncomfortable or self-limiting.“ Strong Medicine

„All right, I will. But I’ll make you a little pledge.” She asked, “What’s that?” “If ever, someplace down the road, you and I differ on a matter of judgment that’s important, you have my permission to remind me of this incident, and that your judgment was right and mine wrong.“ Strong Medicine

„There was no surer way to lose the confidence of an audience, or a jury, than by letting them think faster than yourself, so that they became aware of what you were going to say before you said it.“ Airport

„In 1633,” Ainslie explained, “Galileo was condemned for heresy and held under house arrest for the last eight years of his life—all because he showed that the earth revolves around the sun. That, of course, was contrary to Catholic doctrine, which said that the earth was the center of the universe and didn’t move. Only in 1992, after what the Vatican called ‘thirteen years of study,’ did Pope John Paul II admit the Church was wrong—something science had confirmed centuries before.“ Detective

„I learned a long time ago, though—you can’t live other people’s lives. We have to make our own decisions even if we’re wrong.“

„Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.“ Detective

„As long as you could feel your heart--wherever it seemed to be--that was the important thing. Libby had an instinct for essentials; at times he had the impression that her little hands reached up and gathered stars of truth.“ Airport

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