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Czeslaw Milosz

Datum narození: 30. červen 1911
Datum úmrtí: 14. srpen 2004

Czesław Miłosz byl polský básník, esejista a překladatel, nositel Nobelovy ceny za literaturu za rok 1980, nositel ocenění Spravedlivý mezi národy.

Citáty Czeslaw Milosz

„Jestli chceš, svět tě přežije o věky.“

„Jazyk je zaprodán smyslu pro dotyk. Měkkostí, teplem trvá náš lidský druh: králíček, medvídek, kotě...“

„Není na mě abych věděl všechno o nebi a o pekle. Ale na tomto světě existuje tolik špíny a hororu, proto pravda a dobro musí existovat někde jinde. A to znamená, že Bůh musí někde být. “

„Not that I want to be a god or a hero. Just to change into a tree, grow for ages, not hurt anyone.“

„In a room where
people unanimously maintain
a conspiracy of silence,
one word of truth
sounds like a pistol shot.“


To believe you are magnificent. And gradually to discover that you are not magnificent. Enough labor for one human life.“

„The purpose of poetry is to remind us
how difficult it is to remain just one person,
for our house is open, there are no keys in the doors,
and invisible guests come in and out at will.“

„Yet falling in love is not the same as being able to love.“ Selected Poems Selected Poems

„Language is the only homeland.“

„The living owe it to those who no longer can speak to tell their story for them.“ The Issa Valley

„A true opium of the people is a belief in nothingness after death - the huge solace of thinking that for our betrayals, greed, cowardice, murders we are not going to be judged.“

„You see how I try
To reach with words
What matters most
And how I fail.“

„Tomber amoureux. To fall in love. Does it occur suddenly or gradually? If gradually, when is the moment “already”? I would fall in love with a monkey made of rags. With a plywood squirrel. With a botanical atlas. With an oriole. With a ferret. With a marten in a picture. With the forest one sees to the right when riding in a cart to Jaszuny. With a poem by a little-known poet. With human beings whose names still move me. And always the object of love was enveloped in erotic fantasy or was submitted, as in Stendhal, to a “cristallisation,” so it is frightful to think of that object as it was, naked among the naked things, and of the fairy tales about it one invents. Yes, I was often in love with something or someone. Yet falling in love is not the same as being able to love. That is something different.“


Calm down. Both your sins and your good deeds will be lost in oblivion.“
New and Collected Poems: 1931-2001

„And Yet the Books

And yet the books will be there on the shelves, separate beings,
That appeared once, still wet
As shining chestnuts under a tree in autumn,
And, touched, coddled, began to live
In spite of fires on the horizon, castles blown up,
Tribes on the march, planets in motion.
“We are,” they said, even as their pages
Were being torn out, or a buzzing flame
Licked away their letters. So much more durable
Than we are, whose frail warmth
Cools down with memory, disperses, perishes.
I imagine the earth when I am no more:
Nothing happens, no loss, it's still a strange pageant,
Women's dresses, dewy lilacs, a song in the valley.
Yet the books will be there on the shelves, well born,
Derived from people, but also from radiance, heights.“

„When a writer is born into a family, the family is finished.“

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