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David Gemmell

Datum narození: 1. srpen 1948
Datum úmrtí: 28. červenec 2006

David Gemmell byl anglický spisovatel fantasy literatury. Gemmellovy knihy v Česku vydávalo nakladatelství Návrat, nyní je ve stejné edici publikuje Perseus.

Již v 16 letech byl vyloučen ze školy za organizování hazardních her a musel začít pracovat. V noci si přivydělával jako vyhazovač z nočních klubů, k čemuž mu značně dopomáhala jeho robustní postava, ale k násilí se uchyloval jenom minimálně a to díky své neobyčejné výřečnosti. Pracoval také jako novinář na volné noze pro několik významných deníků . Zemřel 28. července 2006 po prodělané operaci srdce.

Citáty David Gemmell

„Máš-li pohnout horou, nehleď na její velikost, raději jdi a zvedni první kámen.“

„Zlo zřídkakdy kráčí po zemi s rohy a zahalené plameny.“

„Trust your instincts, and make judgements on what your heart tells you. The heart will not betray you.“ Fall of Kings

„Nothing of real worth can ever be bought. Love, friendship, honour, valour, respect. All these things have to be earned.“ Shield of Thunder

„We make choices everyday, some of them good, some of them bad. And - if we are strong enough - we live with the consequences.“

„I may be stupid, as you say, to believe in honour and friendship and loyalty without price. But these are virtues to be cherished, for without them we are no more than beasts roaming the land.“ Shield of Thunder

„What will you do now?'

I think I will become a monk and devote my entire life to prayer and good works.'

No,' said Rek. 'I mean, what will you do today?'

Ah! Today I'll get drunk and go whoring,' said Bowman.“

„It is hard to be angry when one has seen the sun rise,' she said.
It seems to be true,' he admitted. 'I wonder why.'
Because it makes one feel so small and insignificant. It has been rising forever and will rise forever no matter what we do or do not do. All our problems are as nothing to the sun.“
Sword in the Storm

„Never violate a woman, nor harm a child. Do not lie, cheat or steal. These things are for lesser men. Protect the weak against the evil strong. And never allow thoughts of gain to lead you into the persuit of evil.“ White Wolf

„Warriors fear surrender. They are proud and defiant. They will fight to the death for what they believe in. They will struggle to conquer. Love is not about conquest. The truth is a man can only find true love when he surrenders to it. When he opens his heart to the partner of his soul and says: 'here it is! the very essence of me! It is yours to nurture or destroy.“

„She was his north star, the fixed point round which his world turned. For as long as his heart beat, or hers, he believed they would always share a destiny.“ Fall of Kings

„May all your dreams but one come true, for what is life without a dream?“

„There is a darkness in you. In all of us, probably. Beasts we keep chained. Ordinary men have to keep the chains strong, for if we let the beast loose then society will turn upon us with fiery vengeance. Kings though... well, who is there to turn upon them? So the chains are made of straw. It is the curse of kings, Helikaon, that they can become monsters. And they invariably do.“ Shield of Thunder

„By nature of definition only the coward is capable of the highest

„Man is capable of greatness, love, nobility, compassion. Yet never forget that his capacity for evil is infinite. It is a sad truth, boy, that if you sit now and think of the worst tortures that could ever be inflicted on another human being, they will already have been practiced somewhere. If there is one sound that follows the march of humanity, it is the scream.“

„What is your name?"
So I can mark your grave...“
Wolf in Shadow

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