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Dennis Skinner

Datum narození: 11. únor 1932


Dennis Skinner je britský politik.

Citáty Dennis Skinner


„Jubilee year, double-dip recession, what a start.“

— Dennis Skinner
[ Queen's Speech 2012: Dennis Skinner heckles Black Rod] Daily Telegraph, 9 May 2012

„Tell the House of Lords to go to hell.“

— Dennis Skinner
[ During the 2004 fox hunting debate in the House of Commons] (2004)

„New Labour, New Black Rod.“

— Dennis Skinner
[ A reference to Labour's election campaign slogan "New Labour, New Britain".] Daily Telgraph 1997


„She has been let off because she is a Tory.“

— Dennis Skinner Skinner thrown out of the Commons - again] The Guardian 20 April 2006

„Skinner: The hon. Member for Edge Hill seems a bit upset about my saying that he was not there half the time. Will he settle for my agreeing that he was there the other half? That is an advance.“

— Dennis Skinner
[ House of Commons, Hansard, 1 April 1981, 04:30am, volume 2 col 448] Skinner may have been alluding to a [ classic joke].

„Skinnner: "OK, half the Tories opposite are not crooks."“

— Dennis Skinner
There is no evidence that Skinner said this. But see quotation from 1 April 1981, above. It is an old joke which has been around since [ at least 1927].

„Any Tory moles at the Palace?“

— Dennis Skinner
Referring to the recent arrest of Conservative MP w:Damian Green in connection with an investigation about him receiving confidential information from a civil servant at the Home Office who was formerly a Conservative Party candidate. To which Black Rod quipped, I shall miss you, Dennis., receiving laughter from other MPs. The 2008 State Opening of Parliament was Michael Willcocks' last as Black Rod.

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