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Elizabeth Leseur

Datum narození: 16. říjen 1866
Datum úmrtí: 3. květen 1914
Další jména: Elisabeth Leseurová

Elizabeth Leseur byla francouzská mystička.

„Myslet je krásné, modlit se je lepší, milovat je všechno.“

„Why do we wait until tomorrow to do good? Why do we wait to be rich before giving? Is not the gift of ourselves better than money, and is there a day or even an hour in which we could not give a tear or a smile to someone who is suffering?“ Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur

„All that is good in me I owe to God alone, whose fatherly action is continuous and is so plainly visible in my life that, in spite of great trials and this recent sorrow — the greatest of all — I can still offer Him fervent thanks and must try in future to transform my soul and life to His service.“ Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur

„Every human being is an incalculable force, bearing within him something of the future. To the end of time, our daily words and actions will bear fruit, either good or bad; nothing that we have once given of ourselves will perish, but our words and works, handed on from one to another, will continue to do good or harm to remote generations. This is why life is a sacred thing, and we ought not to pass through it thoughtlessly, but to appreciate its value and use it so that, when we are gone, the sum total of good in the world may be greater.“ Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur

„Let us beware: nothing is so delicate and so sacred as the human soul; nothing is so quickly bruised. Let each one of our words and deeds contain a principle of life that, penetrating other spirits, will communicate light and strength and will reveal God to them.“ Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur

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