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Emilio Gino Segre

Datum narození: 1. únor 1905
Datum úmrtí: 22. duben 1989

Emilio Gino Segrè byl italský fyzik židovského původu. Proslavil se zejména objevem antiprotonu, za což obdržel společně s Owenem Chamberlainem v roce 1959 Nobelovu cenu za fyziku. V letech 1943 až 1946 pracoval v Národní laboratoři Los Alamos jako vedoucí skupiny v rámci projektu Manhattan.

Citáty Emilio Gino Segre

„Kdyby hmotný mládenec políbil antihmotnou dívku, došlo by k výbuchu, který by zastínil výbuch vodíkové pumy.“

„The most striking impression was that of an overwhelming bright light. I had seen under similar conditions the explosion of a large amount—100 tons—of normal explosives in the April test, and I was flabbergasted by the new spectacle. We saw the whole sky flash with unbelievable brightness in spite of the very dark glasses we wore. Our eyes were accommodated to darkness, and thus even if the sudden light had been only normal daylight it would have appeared to us much brighter than usual, but we know from measurements that the flash of the bomb was many times brighter than the sun. In a fraction of a second, at our distance, one received enough light to produce a sunburn. I was near Fermi at the time of the explosion, but I do not remember what we said, if anything. I believe that for a moment I thought the explosion might set fire to the atmosphere and thus finish the earth, even though I knew that this was not possible.“ Enrico Fermi, Physicist

„As Sommerfeld said in his famous text "Spectral Lines and Atomic Constitution," on which a generation of physicists learned the subject, "In the fine structure constant e is the representative of the electron theory, h the appropriate representative of the quantum theory, c comes from relativity and characterizes it in contrast to classical theory.“ From X Rays To Quarks: Modern Physicists And Their Discoveries

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