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Frank Wedekind

Datum narození: 24. červenec 1864
Datum úmrtí: 9. březen 1918

Benjamin Franklin Wedekind byl německý dramatik a spisovatel. Bývá řazen k expresionismu, je považován za předchůdce epického divadla i absurdního dramatu. Jeho dramata často kritizovala předsudky své doby v oblasti sexuality.

„Zdravého člověka vždy polije ruměnec, když napíše báseň.“

„The fog is clearing; life is a matter of taste.“ Spring's Awakening

„I didn't ask to be born, and I don't owe God anything.“ Spring's Awakening

„Wendla: How did you come here?
Melchior: I followed my thoughts.“
Spring's Awakening

„We see God and the devil blaming each other, and cherish the unspeakable belief that both of them are drunk.“ Spring's Awakening

„In my opinion it is unwise to judge a young man by his school record. We have too many examples of bad students becoming distinguished men, and, on the other hand, of brilliant students not being at all remarkable in life.“ Spring's Awakening

„I was a baby when I came into the world--otherwise I might have been smart enough to become a different person.“

„Monuments are for the living, not for the dead.“ Spring's Awakening

„Search fearlessly for every sin, for out of sin comes joy.“

„And, therefore, hold your head high, Herr Stiefel!——Such a crisis as this comes to all of us and will soon be surmounted. If all of us had recourse to dagger or poison in such cases, there would soon be no men left in the world.“ Spring's Awakening

„We see God and the devil making fools of each other, and we nurture in ourselves the absolutely unshakable conviction that both of them are drunk.“ Spring Awakening

„To be frank with you, Melchior, I have almost the same feeling since I read your explanation.——It fell at my feet during the first vacation days. I was startled. I fastened the door and flew through the flaming lines as a frightened owl flies through a burning wood——I believe I read most of it with my eyes shut.“ Spring's Awakening

„Virtue is not a bad garment, but it requires an imposing figure.“ Spring's Awakening

„Melchior. What good does that do? Moritz. What good does it have to do?——We are fit for nothing more, neither good nor evil.“ Spring's Awakening

„Half happy. We wander among Mayflowers, among the lonely paths in the woods. We hover over gatherings of people, over the scene of accidents, gardens, festivals. We cower in chimneys of dwelling places and behind the bed curtains. Give me your hand. We don’t associate with each other, but we see and hear everything that is going on in the world. We know that everything is stupidity, everything that men do and contend for, and we laugh at it.“

„Der vermummte Herr Warum prahlen Sie denn dann mit Erhabenheit?! – Sie wissen doch, daß das Humbug ist – saure Trauben! Warum lügen Sie geflissentlich, Sie – Hirngespinst! – – Wenn Ihnen eine so schätzenswerte Wohltat damit geschieht, so bleiben Sie meinetwegen. Aber hüten Sie sich vor Windbeuteleien, lieber Freund – und lassen Sie mir bitte Ihre Leichenhand aus dem Spiel.“ Spring's Awakening

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