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Franz Boas

Datum narození: 9. červenec 1858
Datum úmrtí: 21. prosinec 1942

Franz Boas byl americký průkopník moderní antropologie. Často nazýván „otec americké antropologie“.

„Naše představy a koncepce jsou pravdivé jen potud, pokud jde o naši civilizaci.“

„The passion for seeking the truth for truth's sake... can be kept alive only if we continue to seek the truth for truth's sake.“ Race And Democratic Society

„It would seem that mythological worlds have been built up only to be shattered again, and that new worlds were built from the fragments.“

„I believe the present state of our knowledge justifies us in saying that, while individuals differ, biological differences are small. There is no reason to believe that one race is by nature so much more intelligent, endowed with great will power, or emotionally more stable than another that the difference would materially influence its culture.“ Race, Language, and Culture

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