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Garth Nix

Datum narození: 19. červenec 1963

Garth Nix je populární australský spisovatel s mnoha čtenáři a fanoušky. Zaměřuje se zejména na fantasy tematiku. Mezi jeho díla patří populární knižní série Staré království, Klíče ke království či Sedmá věž.

Citáty Garth Nix

„Volí si stezku chodec, nebo stezka chodce?“ Sabriel

„"Miluji tě," zašeptal. "Doufám, že ti to nevadí." -Prubíř“ Sabriel

„Vybírá si chodec cestu nebo cesta chodce? -Sabriel“

„Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?“ Sabriel

„Touchstone watched, suddenly conscious that he probably only had five seconds left to be alone with Sabriel, to say something, to say anything. Perhaps the last five seconds they ever would have alone together.
I am not afraid, he said to himself.
"I love you," he whispered. "I hope you don't mind.“

„My parents are going to kill me!"
"That seems rather harsh...“
Sir Thursday

„Maybe if I act well enough, I'll come to believe it myself.“ Abhorsen

„Sometimes it is easier to see the light when you stand partly in the darkness.“ Mister Monday

„Five Great Charters knit the land
Together linked, hand in hand
One in the people who wear the crown
Two in the folk who keep the Dead down
Three and Five became stone and mortar
Four sees all in frozen water.“

„Fear and realisation of ignorance, strong medicines against stupid pride.“ Sabriel

„Choosers will be beggars if the begging's not their choosing.“ Lirael

„Let this be my final lesson. Everyone and everything has a time to die.“ Sabriel

„Who or what are you? Besides insufferably rude?“ Lirael

„Knowledge, like all things, is best in moderation," intoned the Will. "Knowing everything means you don't need to think, and that is very dangerous.“ Lady Friday

„Often, I get the feeling that the story is really happening somewhere and all I'm doing is trying to work out the best way to tell it.“

„Please," said Lirael..."I think I would like to work in this Library."
"The Library," repeated Sanar, looking troubled. "That can be dangerous to a girl of fourteen. Or a woman of forty, for that matter.“

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