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Gottfried Benn

Datum narození: 2. květen 1886
Datum úmrtí: 7. červenec 1956

Gottfried Benn byl německý lékař a básník, představitel expresionismu.

Citáty Gottfried Benn

„Nikdo ani z velkých lyriků naší doby nezanechal po sobě nikdy víc než šest až osm dokonalých básní, ostatní jsou možná zajímavé z hlediska autorovy biografie a jeho vývoje, ale takových, co jsou jen samy sebou, jen sebou září, které hluboce fascinují, těch je jen několik – a pro těchhle šest básní třicet až padesát let askeze, utrpení a boje.“

„Vrchol tvorstva, člověk, to prase…“

„In the beginning there was the Word and not the talk, and in the end there won´t be the propaganda but again the Word“

„What gave these peoples the right to lead all others? This was what I wondered. What had they to show in that respect? What spiritual image of man had they evolved, to what depths of being and to what external outlines had they worked out the human ideal? Where did their most unearthly, their purest, minds stand? To what coldness of judgment, to what severity of moral decision had their masses attained under their imperial leaders? Recently they talked much of their history. But there was greatness that had no history. Asia had no history. The decline of the Greeks began in the century when Herodotus appeared. They also pointed to their masterhood – master race – all right then, who were these masters?“

„My youth is like a scab: under it there is a wound that every day leaks blood. It disfigures me.“


Asters—sweltering days

old adjuration/curse,

the gods hold the balance

for an uncertain hour.

Once more the golden flocks

of heaven, the light, the trim—

what is the ancient process

hatching under its dying wings?

Once more the yearned-for,

the intoxication, the rose of you—

summer leaned in the doorway

watching the swallows—

one more presentiment

where certainty is not hard to come by:

wing tips brush the face of the waters,

swallows sip speed and night.“

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