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Hans Küng

Datum narození:19. březen 1928

Hans Küng je původem švýcarský teolog, autor mnoha knih, katolický kněz a průkopník mezináboženského dialogu. Byl významným teologem Druhého vatikánského koncilu, patří mezi nejvýznamnější a nejkontroverznější představitele liberálního katolicismu, od 70. let je pak známý především jako ostrý kritik vládnoucích katolických církevních kruhů a tradicionalismu.

Citáty Hans Küng

„What a revolution! In less than a century the persecuted church had become a persecuting church. Its enemies, the “heretics” (those who “selected” from the totality of the Catholic faith), were now also the enemies of the empire and were punished accordingly. For the first time now Christians killed other Christians because of differences in their views of the faith. This is what happened in Trier in 385: despite many objections, the ascetic and enthusiastic Spanish lay preacher Priscillian was executed for heresy together with six companions. People soon became quite accustomed to this idea. Above all the Jews came under pressure. The proud Roman Hellenistic state church hardly remembered its own Jewish roots anymore. A specifically Christian ecclesiastical anti-Judaism developed out of the pagan state anti-Judaism that already existed. There were many reasons for this: the breaking off of conversations between the church and the synagogue and mutual isolation; the church’s exclusive claim to the Hebrew Bible; the crucifixion of Jesus, which was now generally attributed to the Jews; the dispersion of Israel, which was seen as God’s just curse on a damned people who were alleged to have broken the covenant with God... Almost exactly a century after Constantine’s death, by special state-church laws under Theodosius II, Judaism was removed from the sacral sphere, to which one had access only through the sacraments (that is, through baptism). The first repressive measures“

— Hans Küng
The Catholic Church: A Short History

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