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Jean Henri Fabre

Datum narození: 22. prosinec 1823
Datum úmrtí: 11. říjen 1915

Jean-Henri Fabre byl francouzský entomolog, který se proslavil svými populárními knihami o chování hmyzu .

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„Žádných "kdyby!" Sleduj pouze přesná fakta, která jediná zasluhují důvěry.“

„Kdo dal život dítěti, stává se jeho dlužníkem.“

„Šťasten, třikrát šťasten člověk, jehož zakalují životní strasti.“

„V době, kdy už si můžeme dovolit mít děti, míváme už vnuky.“

„Věc, jejíž podstatu nechápeme, klade odpor.“

„The mind is an activity, not a repository.“ The Passionate Observer

„What matters in learning is not to be taught, but to wake up.“ The Passionate Observer

„People declare as much, without, apparently, looking into the matter very closely. They seem able to dispense with the conscientious observer's scruples, when inflating their bladder of theory.“ The Life of the Spider


(Clarity is the sovereign politeness of the one who wields a pen.)“

„so slow is moral progress. True, we have the bicycle, the motor-car, the dirigible airship and other marvellous means of breaking our bones; but our morality is not one rung the higher for it all. One would even say that, the farther we proceed in our conquest of matter, the more our morality recedes. The most advanced of our inventions consists in bringing men down with grapeshot and explosives with the swiftness of the reaper mowing the corn.“ The Life of the Spider

„Science too proceeds by lantern-flashes; it explores nature's inexhaustible mosiac piece by piece. Too often the wick lacks oil; the glass panes of the lantern may not be clean. No matter : his work is not in vain who first recognizes and shows to others one speck of the vast unknown.“ The Insect World of J. Henri Fabre

„The custom of eating the lover after consummination of the nuptials, of making a meal of the exhausted pigmy, who is henceforth good for nothing, is not so difficult to understand, since insects can hardly be accused of sentimentality; but to devour him during the act surpasses anything the most morbid mind could imagine. I have seen the thing with my own eyes, and I have not yet recovered from my surprise.“

„Permanence of instinct must go with permanence of form... The history of the present must teach us the history of the past.
[Referring to studying fossil remains of the weevil, largely unchanged to the present day. ]“
The Life and Love of the Insect

„A little science is something that they must have. I should like my nephews to know what air is, and water; why we breathe, and why wood burns; the nutritive elements essential to plant life, and the constituents of the soil. And it is no vague and imperfect knowledge from hearsay I would have them gain of these fundamental truths, on which depend agriculture and the industrial arts and our health itself; I would have them know these things thoroughly from their own observation and experience. Books here are insufficient, and can serve merely as aids to scientific experiment.“ The Wonder Book of Chemistry (1922)

„A living speck-the merest dab of life-capable of pleasure and pain, is far more interesting to me than all the immensities of mere matter.“

„You speak to me, in your own fashion, of a strange psychology which is able to reconcile the wonders of a master craftsmanship with aberrations due to unfathomable stupidity.“ The Life of the Spider

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