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Joseph Roth

Datum narození: 2. září 1894
Datum úmrtí: 27. květen 1939
Další jména: Moses Joseph Roth

Joseph Roth byl rakouský spisovatel a novinář, který se proslavil zejména romány Pochod Radeckého a Kapucínská krypta.

Citáty Joseph Roth

„Novodobý člověk do jisté míry zapomněl, že mravní zákon dostal od Boha na Sinaji.“

„A lot of truths about the living world are recorded in bad books; they are just badly written about.“ The Radetzky March

„That was how things were back then. Anything that grew took its time growing, and anything that perished took a long time to be forgotten. But everything that had once existed left its traces, and people lived on memories just as they now live on the ability to forget quickly and emphatically.“ The Radetzky March

„Anyway, I am unfitted to hold down a job anywhere unless they were to pay me for getting angry at the world." 96“ Flight Without End

„I believe that my observations have always led me to find that the so-called realist moves about the world with a closed mind, ringed as it were with concrete and cement, and that the so-called romantic is like an unfenced garden in and out of which truth can wander at will.“ The Emperor's Tomb

„There is a fear of voluptuousness that is itself voluptuous, just as a certain fear of death can itself be deadly.“ The Radetzky March

„Only the small things in life are important“

„The good man believed that shortsighted people were also deaf and that their spectacles would become clearer if their ears heard more sharply.“ The Radetzky March

„[O]ur relationship with nature has become warped. You see, nature has acquired a purpose where we are concerned. Its task is to amuse us. It no longer exists for its own sake.“ What I Saw: Reports from Berlin 1920-1933

„What I see, what I see. What I see is the day in all its absurdity and triviality.“

„I am alone. My heart beats only for myself. The strikers mean nothing to me. I have nothing in common with the mob, nor with individuals. I am a cold person. In the war I did not feel I was part of my company. We all lay in the same mud and waited for the same death. But I could think only about my own life and death. I would step over corpses and it oftened saddened me that I could feel no pain.“ Hotel Savoy

„Many of us served in the war, many died. We have written for Germany, we have died for Germany. We have spilled our blood for Germany in two ways: the blood that runs in our veins, and the blood with which we write. We have sung Germany, the real Germany! And that is why today we are being burned by Germany!“

„Er war so einfach und untadelig wie seine Konduitenliste, und nur der Zorn, der ihn manchmal ergriff, hätte einen Kenner der Menschen ahnen lassen, daß auch in der Seele des Hauptmanns Trotta die nächtlichen Abgründe dämmerten, in denen die Stürme schlafen und die unbekannten Stimmen namenloser Ahnen.“ The Radetzky March

„A moving shadow means more to us than a body at rest. We are no longer taken in by a fixed grin. We know that only death has a rictus.“

„On Sundays the world is as bright and empty as a balloon.“

„He felt light, lighter than ever in all his years. He had severed all relationships. It occurred to him that he had been alone for years. He had been alone since that moment when desire had ceased between his woman and himself. He was alone -alone. Wife and children had surrounded him and had hindered him from bearing his pain. Like useless poultices that do not aid healing, they had lain upon his wounds and had merely covered them.“

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