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Julie Kenner

Julie Kenner je americká spisovatelka.

Citáty Julie Kenner

„"Přátelé nenechají své přátele derivovat opilé." - Pokoř mě“

„Jen srdce ví, co máš v srdci. Myslím, že to znamená, že když se zamiluješ, jsi v prdeli. Tak si to aspoň užívej.“ Nažhavený

„Jen srdce ví, co máš v srdci.“ Nažhavený

„I love it when my justifications for avoiding housework are actually legitimate.“ California Demon

„Can I just say that dying sucks? All that bullshit about seeing the light and having this inner peace, blah, blah, blah. It's crap.“ Tainted

„Distract him? What the hell was I supposed to do? Strip naked and do the hula?“ Torn

„No, I wanna go kick puppies," she retorted.“ Torn

„They weren't wearing their handy-dandy I'm an Evil Demon T-shirts; nevertheless, I could tell they were coming for me.“ Tainted

„Fuck you.
I countered, demonstrating my keen skill at argument.“

„They served "Good Food" but only a G, an O and a D were lit up. Personally, I doubted God dined there. Unless God was keen on samonella poisoning and rat droppings in the hamburgers. But then again, what did I know?“ Torn

„What? Look at my newly mutilated flesh? Screw you!“ Tainted

„My meeting with my alimentatore was at noon“ Carpe Demon

„Once upon a time, I’d thought demon-hunting was hard. But that was before I’d become a mom. Trust me. In comparison to parenting, stalking and killing demons is a piece of cake.“ Demons Are Forever

„opened the vial of holy water and dumped it in with the wipes. I could practically see the ad campaign: Blessed be your baby’s bottom … Now with Aloe!“ The Trouble with Demons

„That’s the bittersweet part of being a mom. You slather on all that love and attention so that your kids will grow up strong, confident, and self-sufficient. And if you’ve done your job right, you’ve raised grown-ups who can go off and manage just fine without you.“ The Trouble with Demons

„I mean, really. Who needs Pilates when you’ve got a town full of demons?“ Carpe Demon

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