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Julien Gracq

Datum narození: 27. červenec 1910
Datum úmrtí: 22. prosinec 2007

Julien Gracq [grak] , vlastním jménem Louis Poirier, byl francouzský spisovatel, jenž navazoval na poetiku surrealismu. Bývá řazen do druhé vlny francouzského surrealismu vedle autorů jakými byli André Pieyre de Mandiargues, Michel Leiris, Georges Limbour, ale i vedle Georgese Bataille anebo Maurice Blanchota.

„Jak rád bych, abychom se dokázali přijmout takoví, jací jsme, abychom sloužili osudnostem své povahy s rozumem: není jiné geniality.“

„Often, beyond the next turning, footfalls of a herd galloping across stone were heard, or further in the distance, with reassuring grunts, a wild boar could be seen, trotting with steady stride along the edge of the road with her sow and a whole procession of young in tow. And then one's heart beat faster upon advancing a little into the subtle light: one might have said that the path had suddenly become wild, thick with grass, its dark paving-slabs engulfed by nettles, blackthorn and sloe, so that it mingled up time past rather than crossing country-side, and perhaps it was going to issue forth, in the chiaroscuro of thicket smelling of moistened down and fresh grass, into one of those glades where animals spoke to men.“

„It was a fossilized path: the will which had cut this gash out of these solitary places so that the blood and sap would flow there was long since dead - and dead too were the circumstances which had guided this will. A whitish and indurated scar remained, gradually gnawed away by the earth like a flesh that heals itself, yet its direction was still vaguely cut into the horizon; a language and crepuscular sign rather than a way forward - a worn-out lifeline which still vegetated through the fallow land as it does on the palm of a hand. It was so old that, since it had been constructed, the very configuration of the land must have changed imperceptibly.“

„Blood had long since ceased to beat from one end to the other, but one could sense, from passages marked with fresher traces of wheels and hooves, that once the meaning and even the very idea of a long journey was lost, sleep had not descended over it in one fell swoop: it had continued to steal a march here and there, in a discontinuous way, and over short distances, like a laborer who feels his cart jolt on a section of Roman road that crosses his field...“

„No, what numbed these fields, peopled with bad dreams was not the oppressive grip of a plague but rather an ailing retreat, a sort of sad widowhood. Man had started to subdue these vacant expanses, then had grown weary of eating into it, and now even the desire to preserve what had been claimed had perished. He had established everywhere an ebb, a sorrowful withdrawal. His cuttings into the forest, which were seen at long intervals, had lost their hard edges, their distinct notches: now a thick brushwood had driven its sabbath into the broad daylight of the glades, hiding the naked trunks as high as their lowest branches.“

„On its own, having escaped my grasp, the spool I had loosed was unwinding.“ A Balcony in the Forest

„And what can still delight an inert stone except to become, once more, the bed of a raging torrent?“ The Opposing Shore

„A history of literature, unlike history as such, ought to list only victories, for its defeats are no victory for anyone.“

„... a redoubtable alchemy was at work behind impenetrable veils as the forest prepared its nocturnal mysteries.“

„J'ai lu quelque part que la mort était une société secrète... Ce qui n'est qu'une fin, un, et c'est peu dire, pour la plupart des êtres, ne peut-il devenir pour d'autres une vocation?
- Quelquefois, et jamais autant que ce soir, je me le suis demandé. Et - comme toutes les vocations - contagieuse.“
A Dark Stranger

„Ce qui commence par : "Je me hâtais de déplaire exprès, par crainte de déplaire naturellement" (Mauriac) continue par : "Je me hâtais d'échouer exprès, par crainte d'échouer naturellement", et pourrait se terminer un jour par : "Je me hâtais de mourir exprès, par crainte de mourir naturellement" (une phrase d'excellent comique).“ A Dark Stranger

„Mais ce que je ne savais pas, c'est qu'il n'est pasde laisser la mort se promener trop longtemps à visage découvert sur la terre. Je ne savais pas... Elle émeut, elle éveille la mort encore endormie au fond des autres, comme un enfant dans le ventre d'une femme. Et comme quand une femme rencontre une femme grosse - même si elle détourne la tête, tout au fond d'eux-mêmes, si l'on descendait, on les sentirait... Oui, c'est leur mort tout d'un coup qui bouge en eux.“ A Dark Stranger

„I felt in complicity with the tendency of this country to absolute desolation.“ The Opposing Shore

„but the force of traditions, as in all crumbling empires, grows proportionately with the explicit revelation, in the machinery of government and commerce alike, of the preponderant action of all principles of inertia...“ The Opposing Shore

„Solitude and boredom. It's what happens to something that's felt itself gathered together too long, too... exclusively. The vacuum that occurs at its frontiers--a kind of numbness which is generated on its torpid surface as if it had lost the sense of touch--lost contact.“ The Opposing Shore

„There are cities that are damned for some people by the mere fact that they seem created to close off the distances that are the only reason for living.“ The Opposing Shore

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