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Karen Traviss

Karen Traviss je britská autorka sci-fi.

„„Máme i plán C?“
„Na abecedě je báječné to, že vám nabízí spoustu plánů, z nichž si můžete vybrat, madam,““
Přímý kontakt

„Řídíme se pěti P. Přesné plánování předchází pozdějším průs...“ Přímý kontakt

„Prali si oblečení, holili se, vařili a celkově si počínali jako dobře vychovaní a vzdělaní padawani. Potom šli, vyhazovali do vzduchu vojenské základny, zabíjeli naprosté cizince a vyprávěli si mizerné vtipy.“ Přímý kontakt

„Ugliness is an illusion, gentlemen. Like beauty. Like color. All depends on the light. The only reality is action.“ True Colors

„If you take a shot at someone, you keep firing until they can no longer return fire. Wound them, and you have an angry enemy who knows your position.“

„So you want a knife, a nice sharp knife. You hone that blade to its limits. It even cuts through stone when you want it to. It saves your life. And then you're outraged when it cuts you accidentally. You see, knives don't switch off. And neither do people, not when you hone them to a fine edge.“

„Gar taldin ni jaonyc; gar sa buir, ori'wadaasla. (Nobody cares who your father was, only the father you'll be.) - Mandalorian saying“ Order 66:

„I don't know who the good guys are anymore. But I do know what the enemy is. It's the compromise of principles. You lose the war when you lose your principles. And the first principle is to look out for your comrades.“

„If we were given one word of information in our entire history, how we'd treasure it! how we'd pore over ever syllable, divining it's meaning, arguing its importance; how we'd examine it and wring every lesson we could from it. Yet today we have trillions of words, tidal waves of information and the smallest detail of every action our government and businesses take is easily available to us at the touch of a button. And yet... we ignore it, and learn nothing from it. One day we'll die of voluntary ignorance“ Order 66:

„If we don't stand up for others, who will be left to stand up for us?“

„Your prowess with a lightsaber is childish vanity. Your physical Force powers are no more than a conjurer's trick, sleight of hand to dazzle the ordinary beings you should be serving. You profane these powers by using them as weapons in war. And you fail to grasp the single, simple, uncompromising duty of the true Jedi. The Jedi is the rock-lion at the gate who says, "I will defend these beings with my life, and that is the sum of me." Etain Tur-Mukan died to save one life, a man she did not even know, but felt compelled to save, and that is what made her stronger in the Force and a truer Jedi than any of you acrobats, tricksters, and specious, empty philosophers.“

„And nobody has the right to judge a soldier from the warmth and safety of their armchair.“

„Think of yourselves as a hand. Each of you is a finger, and without the others you're useless. Alone, a finger can't grasp, or control, or form a fist. You are nothing on your own, and everything together.“

„If you're not prepared to do something in public, don't do it at all.“

„We're all going to die sometime, so you might as well die pushing the odds for something that matters.“ Hard Contact

„Nowhere does it say free speech is carte blanche to be a jerk. And don't cheapen real free speech by hijacking an honourable concept bought dearly with people's lives just to get a little spotlight. Spotlights run hot, and they can burn.“

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