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Lisa Gardner

Lisa Gardner je americká autorka.

Citáty Lisa Gardner

„Doufej v nejlepší, ale buď připraven na nejhorší.“

„You try as a parent. You love beyond reason. You fight beyond endurance. You hope beyond despair.
You never think, until the very last moment, that it still might not be enough.“
Live to Tell

„Once, I was my mother's daughter. Now I am my daughter's mother.“

„Who do you love?
It's a question anyone should be able to answer. A question that defines a life, creates a future, guides most minutes of one's days. Simple, elegant encompassing.
Who do you love?“

„It wasn’t that strangers couldn’t hurt you. It was simply that the people you loved could do it so much better.“ Touch & Go

„Life may not be perfect, at least it offered moments that were perfect enough.“ Say Goodbye

„Most people don't need the help of strangers to screw up their lives; most of them are quite capable of doing it themselves!“ Say Goodbye

„You can be the hunter, or you can be the hunted.“ The Neighbor

„Men may be violent, Officer Dodge, but let's face it-women are cruel...“ Alone

„What I learned is that it's arrogant to be certain of anything. The world is a complex place and only idiots or assholes think they know it all.“ The Survivors Club

„There are things that once done can’t be undone, things that once said can’t be unsaid.“ The Neighbor

„Survivors make it because they learn to adapt. Adaptation is coping. Coping is strength.“ Find Her

„There is a breed of men out there, you know, who are attracted to strong women. They just don’t know what to do once they win us over.“ Touch & Go

„Oh, for the love of God. There is no agent more agent than you. I swear you have pin-striped ties encrypted into your DNA. When you die, the coffin is going to read Property of the FBI.“ The Killing Hour

„Because it’s one thing to survive. It is much, much harder to truly live.“ Find Her

„Dying for someone is easy." J. T. murmured now; as if reading my mind."Living for yourself, that's hard.“ Catch Me

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