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Muhammad Iqbál

Datum narození: 9. listopad 1877
Datum úmrtí: 21. duben 1938

Muhammad Iqbal byl indický básník, filozof a politik muslimského vyznání.

Inspiroval vznik pákistánského hnutí a rozdělení Indie na dva národy - muslimský a hinduistický. Psal svá díla v urdštině a perštině. Je považován za klasika národní literatury v Pákistánu, Íránu i Indii. V Pákistánu získal titul "národní básník" a den jeho narození je státním svátkem. Vystudoval umění na Trinity college v Cambridge a na Mnichovské univerzitě. Silně ho zde ovlivnilo dílo Friedricha Nietzscheho, Henri Bergsona a Johanna Wolfganga Goetha. Z orientálních zdrojů ho ovlivnil súfismus a především učení Džaláleddína Balchí Rúmího.

„Dějiny nejsou odrazem Boží vůle, a proto jejich běh může a měl by být změněn.“

„people who have no hold over their process of thinking ara likely to be ruined by liberty of thought.“

„The alchemist of the West has turned stone into glass
But my alchemy has transmuted glass into flint

Pharaohs of today have stalked me in vain“

„Nations are born in the hearts of poets, they prosper and die in the hands of politicians.“

„The new world is as yet
behind the veil of destiny
In my eyes, however
its dawn has been unveiled“

„My ancestors were Brahmins. They spent their lives in search of god. I am spending my life in search of man.“

„From love's plectrum arises
the song of the string of life
Love is the light of life
love is the fire of life“

„The revealed and mystic literature of mankind bears ample testimony to the fact that religious experience has been too enduring and dominant in the history of mankind to be rejected as mere illusion. There seems to be no reason, then, to accept the normal level of human experience as fact and reject its other levels as mystical and emotional.“ The Reconstruction Of Religious Thought In Islam

„Reh Gyi Rasm-e-Azan, Rooh-e-Bilali Na Rahi
Falsafa Reh Gya, Talqeen-e-Ghazali Na Rahi

Azan yet sounds, but never now Like Bilal’s, soulfully;
Philosophy, conviction-less, Now mourns its Ghazzali“

„Ki Muhammad se wafa toonay to ham teray hain
Ye jahan cheez hai kiya lauho qalam tere hain“

„maa tujhe salaam

pher lete hai nazar jis waqt bete or bahu..

ajnabi apne hi ghar me hae ban jati hai maaa..“

„It is the mysterious touch of the ideal that animates and sustains the real, and through it alone we can discover and affirm the ideal.“ The Reconstruction Of Religious Thought In Islam

„Look at the evils of the world around you and protect yourself from them. Our teachers give all the wrong messages to our youth, since they take away the natural flare from the soul. Take it from me that all knowledge is useless until it is connected with your life, because the purpose of knowledge is nothing but to show you the splendors of yourself!“

„For centuries Eastern heart and intellect have been absorbed in the question � Does God exist? I propose to raise a new question � new, that is to say, for the East � Does man exist?“

„Failure is not fatal until we surrender
trying again is the key of glorious victory“

„The great point in Christianity is the search for an independent content for spiritual life which, according to the insights of its founder, could be elevated, not by the forces of a world external to the soul of man, but by the revelation of a new world within his soul. Islam fully agrees with this insight and supplements it by the further insight that the illumination of the new world thus revealed is not something foreign to the world of matter but permeates it through and through.
Thus the affirmation of spirit sought by Christianity would come not by the renunciation of external forces which are already permeated by the illumination of spirit, but by a proper adjustment of man's relation to these forces in view of the light received from the world within.“
The Reconstruction Of Religious Thought In Islam

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