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Noah Gordon

Datum narození: 11. listopad 1926

Noah Gordon je americký spisovatel. Světový úspěch si získal hlavně trilogií o lékařské dynastii Coleů .

Citáty Noah Gordon

„Cestovatelé mi řekli, že svět je plochý a jeho povrch je obklopen ohněm, takže člověk může cestovat jen tak daleko, aby nespadl do ohně, kde začíná peklo.“ Ranhojič

„I think of the separation between life and Paradise as a river,” Mirdin said. “If there are many bridges that cross the river, should it be of great concern to God which bridge the traveler chooses?“ The Physician

„And though you study medicine for a score of lifetimes, there will come to you people whose illnesses are mysteries, for the anguish of which you speak is part and parcel of the profession of healing and must be lived with.“ The Physician

„Life is glorious, but it can be counted on to be cruel.“ The Last Jew

„Lo que me atormenta es mi propia ignorancia y mi incapacidad. En Ispahán aprenderé a ayudar a aquellos por los que ahora no puedo hacer nada.“ El médico

„Medicine is like the slow raising of masonry,” Rob said. “We are fortunate, in a lifetime, to be able to lay a single brick. If we can explain the disease, someone yet unborn may devise a cure.“ The Physician

„¿Significaba que, si los judíos estuvieran en el poder en lugar de la Iglesia, ellos también utilizarían a Dios para destruir a los no creyentes? ¿Era inevitable que el poder religioso absoluto llevara aparejada una absoluta crueldad? «Ha-Rakhaman, Padre Nuestro del Cielo, único Dios de todos, ¿por qué permites que se cometan tantas matanzas en tu Nombre?»“ El Último Judío

„To hold a human soul in the palm of your hand like a pebble. To feel somebody slip away, yet by your actions to bring her back! Not even a king had such power.“ The Physician

„Por vezes Mary falava e Fara escutava uma efusão de gaélico que não compreendia; por vezes era Fara que falava a Língua para uma Mary completamente em branco.
Curiosamente, as palavras não eram importantes. O que importava era a representação das emoções nas expressões do rosto, a expressividade das mãos, o que a voz transmitia, segredos que os olhos contavam“
The Physician

„young ones with respect for their digestions. “Well, you can’t feed it to them anymore. It’s gone way too high.” Her mouth became a straight line. “Not so high. It’s well-salted; we’ve eaten worse. If it’s that bad, the others would be sick and so would I.” He knew enough about homesteaders of whatever religious persuasion to hear what she was really saying: the sausage was all there was, they ate spoiled sausage or nothing. He nodded and walked back to his own seat. His food was in a cornucopia twisted from sheets of the Cincinnati Commercial, three thick sandwiches of lean beef on dark German bread, a strawberry-jam tart, and two apples that he juggled for a few moments to make the children laugh. When he gave the food to Mrs. Sperber, she opened her mouth as though to protest, but then she closed it. A homesteader’s wife needs a healthy dose of realism. “We are obliged to thee, friend,” she said. Across the aisle, the blond woman watched“ Shaman

„It is just as easy to bring death to man, and I’ve done so. It’s harder to keep hold of life, harder still to maintain a grasp on health. Those are the tasks to which we must keep our minds.“ The Physician

„Why is it, Master,” he asked bitterly, “that despite all a physician is able to do, he is as a leaf before the wind, and the real power lies only with Allah?“ The Physician

„As substâncias eram imprevisíveis e difíceis de controlar, mas por vezes os cirurgiões conseguiam operar sem os tremores convulsivos e os gemidos e gritos de dor. As receitas pareciam-lhe mais magia do que medicina“ The Physician

„The study of medicine was, in its own way, something to love in place of a missing family.“ The Physician

„The four elements: earth, water, fire and air; the qualities recognized by touch: cold, heat, dryness, and moisture; the temperaments: sanguineous, phlegmatic, choleric, and saturnine; the faculties: natural, animal, and vital.“ The Physician

„If you desire it, you must punish yourself for the sake of learning, seek every advantage in keeping up with the other clerks and in excelling them. You must study with the fervor of the blessed or the cursed.“ The Physician

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