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Walter Russell Mead

Datum narození: 12. červen 1952

Walter Russell Mead je americký akademik na Bard College. Dříve učil americkou zahraniční politiku na univerzitě v Yale.

Citáty Walter Russell Mead

„Donald Trump, to je něco jako americký Berlusconi. Když se Silvio Berlusconi ucházel o úřad italského předsedy vlády, mnohý si pomyslel: Toto je nový Benito Mussolini.“

„The United States is both a conservative power, defending the international status quo against those who would change it through violence, and a revolutionary power seeking to replace“ God and Gold: Britain, America, and the Making of the Modern World

„We can choose not to think about our power and its meaning for ourselves or for others, but we cannot make that power disappear and we cannot prevent decisions taken in the United States from rippling out beyond our borders and shaping the world that others live in and the choices that they make. Nor can we prevent the way that others see and react to our power from shaping the world we live in and affecting the safety and security of Americans at home.“ God and Gold: Britain, America, and the Making of the Modern World

„The African villager with a solar powered smartphone has more access to more information than Louis XIV in the halls of Versailles.“

„The historian assesses that the investment of the wealthy classes in the Bank of England wedded them to the fate of the nation as a whole and to the maintenance of its stability.“

„back burner, with intervals of détente, reversals of alliance, and many changes in fortune. After the failure of the Armada in 1588, Spain could not attack England at home. English forces were never strong enough to wage sustained warfare on the Spanish mainland. Instead, the intermittent conflict moved indecisively through what we would now call the third world—the scattered colonial dependencies of the two powers and over the trade routes and oceans of the world. English hawks, often Puritans and merchants, wanted an aggressive anti-Spanish policy that would take on the pope while opening markets; moderates (often country squires uninterested in costly foreign ventures) promoted détente.“ God and Gold: Britain, America, and the Making of the Modern World

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