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Yves Bonnefoy

Datum narození: 24. červen 1923

Yves Bonnefoy je francouzský básník a esejista, jeden z nejvýznamnějších francouzských poválečných tvůrců.

Citáty Yves Bonnefoy

„Báseň je mostem mezi nepopiratelnými jevy naší existence.“

„Our hands full or not:
The same abundance.
Our eyes open or shut:
The same light.“
The Curved Planks: Poems

„Unknowing, let us sleep. Chest against chest,
Our breathing mingled, hand in hand without dreams.“
The Curved Planks: Poems

„Clouds, this evening
The same as always, like thirst,
The same red dress, unfastened.
Imagine, passerby,
Our new beginnings, our eagerness, our trust.“
The Curved Planks: Poems

„Since fire's born of fire, why should we desire
To gather up its scattered ash.
On the appointed day we surrendered what we were
To a vaster blaze, the evening sky.“
The Curved Planks: Poems

„Let our bodies try
To ford a wider time,
Our hands not know
The other shore.“
The Curved Planks: Poems

„In each painting, I think, it’s as if  God were giving up on finishing the world.“

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