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Brian Herbert

Datum narození: 29. červen 1947

Brian Herbert - syn amerického sci-fi spisovatele Franka Herberta, autora románové ságy Duna. Po smrti svého otce se spojil s dalším autorem sci-fi Kevinem J. Andersonem a pokračují ve tvorbě ságy. Je spoluautorem knih

Předehra k Duně: Atreidové

Předehra k Duně: Harkonnenové

Předehra k Duně: Corrinové

Historie Duny: Služebnický džihád

Historie Duny: Křížová výprava strojů

Historie Duny: Bitva o Corrin

a další.

Seznam děl v Souborném katalogu ČR, jejichž autorem nebo tématem je Brian Herbert

„Je lepší zůstat v blažené nevědomosti, nebo poznat všechny detaily tragédie, i když s ní člověk nemůže nic dělat?“

„The capacity to learn is a gift; The ability to learn is a skill; The
willingness to learn is a choice.“
House Harkonnen

„raped reason. He implanted in the dominant schools of philosophy the attractive belief that there can be discrete separation between mind and body. This led quite naturally to corollary delusions such as the one that power can be understood without applying it, or that joy is totally removable from unhappiness, that peace can exist in the total absence of war, or that life can be understood without death.
The Butlerian Jihad

„The first step in innovation is to know that a thing can be created. After that, the rest is a matter of detail.“ House Corrino

„Some say it is better to rule in hell than serve in heaven. That is a defeatist attitude. I intend to rule everywhere, not just in Hell."
- General Agamemnon“
The Battle of Corrin

„My Sihaya,’ he said as he held her, ‘I have loved you for five thousand years.“ Sandworms of Dune

„Just repeating a statement often and with great vehemence does not make it a fact, and no amount of repetition can make a rational person believe it.“ Mentats of Dune

„How will I be remembered by my children? This is the true measure of a man.“ House Harkonnen

„Any true student must realize that History has no beginning. Regardless of where a story starts, there are always earlier heroes and earlier tragedies.“ The Butlerian Jihad

„The greatest and most important problems of life cannot be solved. They can
only be outgrown.“
House Harkonnen

„Simplicity is the most difficult of all concepts.“ House Corrino

„Look inside yourself and you can see the universe.“ House Harkonnen

„Let the future remain uncertain, for that is the canvas to receive our desires.“ House Harkonnen

„Who is truly anyone? Every person is illusion to some degree.“ The Winds of Dune

„Any school for free citizens must begin by teaching distrust, not trust. It must teach questioning, not acceptance of stock answers.“ House Corrino

„Never underestimate the power of the human mind to believe what it wants to
believe, no matter the conflicting evidence.“
House Harkonnen

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