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Halldór Kiljan Laxness

Datum narození: 23. duben 1902
Datum úmrtí: 8. únor 1998

Halldór Kiljan Laxness, narozený Halldór Gudjónsson, byl islandský prozaik, básník, dramatik, esejista a překladatel. Vyrůstal na statku rodičů Laxnesi, studoval na gymnáziu v Reykjavíku, od roku 1919 cestoval po Skandinávii a Evropě. Roku 1922 konvertoval ke katolicismu, dokonce 8 měsíců strávil v klášteře Clerveaux v Lucembursku, kde přijal křestní jméno Kiljan. Vliv konverze ustoupil za pobytu na Islandu v létě 1926 – 1927, kde se začal zajímat o příčiny islandské chudoby, a v USA, kde se snažil proniknout do hollywoodské filmové produkce. Právě ve Spojených státech dospěl k marxistickému smýšlení a vzplanul pro socialismus. Ve 30. a 40. letech 20. století byl jedním z nejaktivnějších levicových intelektuálů a komentátorů doby. Jeho knihy většinou vyvolávaly politické debaty. V roce 1955 se stal laureátem Nobelovy ceny za literaturu. V 60. letech se definitivně rozešel s levicovou politikou.

Citáty Halldór Kiljan Laxness

„Nic se nepodobá tak málo spánku jako smrt.“

„Alt sem þú biður um skaltu fá.“ The Atom Station

„Básník islandského uvědomění..o Jónasovi Hallgrímssonovi“

„Věda správně chápaná léčí člověka z jeho pýchy.“

„For man is essentially alone, and one should pity him and love him and grieve with him.“

„Remember, any lie you are told, even deliberately, is often a more significant fact than a truth told in all sincerity.“ Under the Glacier

„Human beings, in point of fact, are lonely by nature, and one should feel sorry for them and love them and mourn with them. It is certain that people would understand one another better and love one another more if they would admit to one another how lonely they were, how sad they were in their tormented, anxious longings and feeble hopes.“

„Shortly afterwards it started raining, very innocently at first, but the sky was packed tight with cloud and gradually the drops grew bigger and heavier, until it was autumn’s dismal rain that was falling—rain that seemed to fill the entire world with its leaden beat, rain suggestive in its dreariness of everlasting waterfalls between the planets, rain that thatched the heavens with drabness and brooded oppressively over the whole countryside, like a disease, strong in the power of its flat, unvarying monotony, its smothering heaviness, its cold, unrelenting cruelty. Smoothly, smoothly it fell, over the whole shire, over the fallen marsh grass, over the troubled lake, the iron-grey gravel flats, the sombre mountain above the croft, smudging out every prospect. And the heavy, hopeless, interminable beat wormed its way into every crevice in the house, lay like a pad of cotton wool over the ears, and embraced everything, both near and far, in its compass, like an unromantic story from life itself that has no rhythm and no crescendo, no climax, but which is nevertheless overwhelming in its scope, terrifying in its significance. And at the bottom of this unfathomed ocean of teeming rain sat the little house and its one neurotic woman.“ Independent People

„Whoever doesn't live in poetry cannot survive here on earth.“ Under the Glacier

„What you have stolen can never be yours.“ Under the Glacier

„This was the first time that he has ever looked into the labyrinth of the human soul. He was very far from understanding what he saw. But what was of more value, he felt and suffered with her. In years that were yet to come, he relived this memory in song, in the most beautiful song this world has known. For the understanding of the soul's defencelessness, of the conflict between the two poles, is not the source of the greatest song. The source of the greatest song is sympathy.“ Independent People

„Like all great rationalists you believed in things that were twice as incredible as theology.“ Under the Glacier

„He continued on, on to the glacier, towards the dawn, from ridge to ridge, in deep, new-fallen snow, paying no heed to the storms that might pursue him. As a child he had stood by the seashore at Ljósavík and watched the waves soughing in and out, but now he was heading away from the sea. "Think of me when you are in glorious sunshine." Soon the sun of the day of resurrection will shine on the bright paths where she awaits her poet.
And beauty shall reign alone.“
World Light

„The life of man is so short that ordinary people simply cannot afford to be born“ Independent People

„One boy's footprints are not long in being lost in the snow, in the steadily falling snow of the shortest day, the longest night; they are lost as soon as they are made. And once again the heath is clothed in drifting white. And there is no ghost, save the one ghost that lives in the heart of a motherless boy, till his footprints disappear.“ Independent People

„Presently the small of coffee began to fill the room. This was morning’s hallowed moment. In such a fragrance the perversity of the world is forgotten, and the soul is inspired with faith in the future…“ Independent People

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