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Frank Lentricchia

Datum narození: 1940

Frank Lentricchia je americký literární kritik.

„...provádí anatomii veškeré současné kultury.“

„Our personal past is only available to us now through black-and-white film, it's a medium for communication with the dead, including our dead selves, the way we used to be, which is why we're drawn to it.“ The Sadness of Antonioni

„No one can be the total cure for another person.“ The Sadness of Antonioni

„People are mysterious, even to themselves.“ The Sadness of Antonioni

„In the end, everything is found to be wanting.“ The Sadness of Antonioni

„The camera has a mind of its own--its own point of view. Then the human bearer of time stumbles into the camera's gaze--the camera's domain of pristine space hitherto untraversed is now contaminated by human temporality. Intrusion occurs, but the camera remains transfixed by its object. It doesn't care. The camera has no human fears.“ The Sadness of Antonioni

„Only the past is real.“ The Sadness of Antonioni

„I want to die, stripped, by myself, of all fantasies. That's the goal. I want to feel what is real, at the end, and only what is real. Grip fiercely with my eyes all that is around me--the people of my intimate life, the objects in the room, without the evasions of fantasies.“ The Sadness of Antonioni

„Cinema is a mixed form. L'Avventura has characters, it has social context, and these things are not trivial. Its plot is the disappearance of a disappearance. Possibly the most frightening plot imaginable. Forgetting the dead, whom all of history tells us we must remember. But what makes movies themselves, rather than novels or plays, is something else. What is it if not the film medium itself? The purity of the visual, which lies in the silence of the stilled image. The freeze frame. The deeply, deeply silent image. Like death. The image in itself in its silent purity reaches--it reaches!--for the purity of death.“ The Sadness of Antonioni

„Kyle says (with glee), “Addicted to breathing? I can fix that. Get on the rower and give me two thousand meters, all out, and vomit! Vomit your guts!—quick, down on the floor, forty push-ups, crack your spine!—quick! Quick! Bench two hundred pounds to muscle failure—die slowly!—burst your clotted chest!—give me one hundred squats in one hundred seconds—no resting, Conte!—pull that five-hundred-pound sled back and forth the length of the floor and stop making those noises! Did I see you eye-fuck the clock? Would you like the Suicide Stairs? Hurry! Hurry! Slam that thirty-pound medicine ball, not on the floor but through it, twenty times, penetrate that floor, Conte, rape it hard and explode your evil heart and balls.“ The Dog Killer of Utica: An Eliot Conte Mystery

„Take the road to contradiction, it'll lead you, I promise, to the palace of wisdom.“ The Sadness of Antonioni

„... that out of the quarrel with others we produce rhetoric, matter for the editorial page, while out of the quarrel with ourselves we create art.“ Crimes of Art and Terror

„Here's the most startling irony I know in film history: Antonioni, who is often denigrated by left-wing critics as a formalist and aesthete gives us radical realism through the long take, and what he gives us--this is his metaphysical wager--is real outside the film, off the set, beyond the camera and underneath the surface of everyday life.“ The Sadness of Antonioni

„Tom said people should repaint their houses in and out, especially in, at least once a year—because who wants to live with the memories of themselves?“ The Dog Killer of Utica: An Eliot Conte Mystery

„Let’s be honest. We all in our secret minds live elsewhere, or who could survive in this freakin’ world?“ The Morelli Thing

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