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Jean-François Lyotard

Datum narození: 10. srpen 1924
Datum úmrtí: 21. duben 1998

Jean-François Lyotard byl francouzský představitel postmoderní filozofie.

Citáty Jean-François Lyotard

„Jsou věci, které je namístě říkat, a existují způsoby, jak se mají říkat. “

„Regulační, a tedy i reprodukční funkce jsou a budou stále více odnímány úředníkům a svěřovány automatům... Disponování informacemi je a bude záležitostí odborníků všeho druhu. Vládnoucí třída je a bude třídou těch, kdo rozhodují. “

„Vlastní já mnoho neznamená, ale není něčím izolovaným, je vřazeno do přediva vztahů, které je složitější a pohyblivější než kdy dřív. “

„Faktem je, že zpravodajem je filosof, nikoli vědecký odborník. Odborník ví, co ví a co neví, filosof nikoli. Jeden vyvozuje závěry, druhý klade otázky, jsou to dvě různé řečové hry. “

„Simplifying to the extreme, I define postmodern as incredulity toward metanarratives.“ The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge

„…is postmodernity the pastime of an old man who scrounges in the garbage-heap of finality looking for leftovers, who brandishes unconsciousnesses, lapses, limits, confines, goulags, parataxes, non-senses, or paradoxes, and who turns this into the glory of his novelty, into his promise of change?“

„Saddam Hussein is a product of Western departments of state and big companies, just as Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco were born of the 'peace' imposed on their countries by the victors of the Great War. Saddam is such a product in an even more Flagrant and cynical way. Because the Iraqi dictatorship proceeds, as do the others, from the transfer of aporias in the capitalist system to vanquished, less developed, or simply less resistant countries.“ Postmodern Fables

„He was too tough to experience disappointments and resentments — negative affections. In this nihilist fin de siècle, he was affirmation. Right through to illness and death. Why did I speak of him in the past? He laughed, he is laughing, he is here. It's your sadness, idiot, he'd say.“

„I shall call modern that art which... presents the fact that the unpresentable exists. To make visible that there is something which can be conceived and which can neither be seen nor made visible.“

„... The sublime feeling is not mere pleasure as taste is – it is a mixture of pleasure and pain... Confronted with objects that are too big according to their magnitude or too
violent according to their power, the mind experiences its own limitations.“
Peregrinations Law Form (Wellek Library Lectures

„Are we, intellectual sirs, not actively or passively 'producing' more and more words, more books, more articles, ceaselessly refilling the pot-boiler of speech, gorging ourselves on it rather, seizing books and 'experiences', to metamorphose them as quickly as possible into other words, plugging us in here, being plugged in there, just like Mina on her blue squared oilcloth, extending the market and the trade in words of course, but also multiplying the chances of jouissance, scraping up intensities wherever possible, and never being sufficiently dead, for we too are required to go from forty to the hundred a day, and we will never play the whore enough, we will never be dead enough“ Libidinal Economy

„Why political intellectuals, do you incline towards the proletariat? In commiseration for what? I realize that a proletarian would hate you, you have no hatred because you are bourgeois, privileged, smooth-skinned types, but also because you dare not say that the only important thing there is to say, that one can enjoy swallowing the shit of capital, its materials, its metal bars, its polystyrene, its books, its sausage pâtés, swallowing tonnes of it till you burst – and because instead of saying this, which is also what happens in the desires of those who work with their hands, arses and heads, ah, you become a leader of men, what a leader of pimps, you lean forward and divulge: ah, but that’s alienation, it isn’t pretty, hang on, we’ll save you from it, we will work to liberate you from this wicked affection for servitude, we will give you dignity. And in this way you situate yourselves on the most despicable side, the moralistic side where you desire that our capitalized’s desire be totally ignored, brought to a standstill, you are like priests with sinners, our servile intensities frighten you, you have to tell yourselves: how they must suffer to endure that! And of course we suffer, we the capitalized, but this does not mean that we do not enjoy, nor that what you think you can offer us as a remedy – for what? – does not disgust us, even more. We abhor therapeutics and its vaseline, we prefer to burst under the quantitative excesses that you judge the most stupid. And don’t wait for our spontaneity to rise up in revolt either.“

„... Desire baffles knowledge and power.“ Driftworks

„... In the discourse of today's financial backers of research, the only credible goal is power. Scientists, technicians, and instruments are purchased not to find truth, but to augment power.“ The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge

„A new problem appears: devices that optimize the performance of the human body for the purpose of producing proof require additional expenditures. No money, no proof - and that means no verification of statements and no truth. The games of scientific language become the games of the rich, in which whoever is the wealthiest has the best chance of being right. An equation between wealth, efficiency, and truth is thus established.“ The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge

„... We are in a system that doesn't give a rap about sacredness.“ Driftworks

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