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Joe Dever

Datum narození: 12. únor 1956

Joe Dever je britský spisovatel a herní designér.

Citáty Joe Dever

„Jak to, že jehňata jsou tak čiperná, hravá a inteligentní, a když z nich vyrostou ovce, jsou tak strašně tupé? Jsou lidé taky takoví? Jestli ano, vysvětlilo by to spoustu bídy na světě.“

„Doubt not your purpose nor your strength.“ The Prisoners of Time

„When you discovered The Book of the Magnakai, you gave a solemn pledge to restore the Kai to their former glory and so ensure the security of your land in the years to come. You returned to your homeland and, in the seclusion of your monastery in the hills, set about the study of the Magnakai Disciplines. It was an exacting task—a trial of physical strength and mental fortitude. The seasons came and went, but you were unaware of the passage of time, lost in your quest for the knowledge and the skills of your warrior kin. Three years of determined study pass, revealing the secrets of three of the Magnakai Disciplines. However, the others cannot be learnt by study alone, and in order to fulfil your pledge to restore the Kai, you must complete the quest first made by Sun Eagle over a thousand years ago.“

„Vonotar, that unspeakable wretch, is responsible for my plight. Days before the Darklord invasion of Sommerlund, he betrayed your Kai masters to win power—the black power of death and darkness. However, he failed to play his part in the war plans his evil masters had laid. The Darklords do not tolerate such weakness—mercy has no place in their brutal minds. In the bitterness of defeat, they sought to destroy Vonotar for his crime of failure. Vonotar knew that I possessed the only means to effect an escape from their vengeance...“ The Caverns of Kalte

„The Prince’s soldiers form a protective wall around you and their dying leader with their shields. Black arrows whistle past your head. The dying Prince looks up into your eyes and says, ‘Kai Lord, you must take a message to my father. The enemy is too strong, we cannot hold him. The King must seek that which is in Durenor or all is lost. Take my horse and ride for the capital. May the luck of the gods ride with you.’ You bid a sad farewell to the Prince, mount his white steed, and head south along the forest path. The battle still rages behind you as the Prince’s men fight off another assault on the bridge.“ Flight from the Dark

„The clack of fangs and the soft swift pad of stealthy feet tell you that the Warhounds are closing in. You look up to see a man running towards you from the barricade. He has a shield in one hand and a longbow in the other; it is Guard Captain D’Val. He reaches you, breathless from his run, and draws an arrow from his quiver. D’Val aims and fires, drawing another arrow from his quiver as soon as the first is loosed. The Warhounds tumble and crash to the ground around you, felled by D’Val’s deadly shafts. Eight lie dead before his quiver is empty.
The captain grabs you by the arm and, swinging you over his shoulder in one swift motion, carries you back towards the barricade. Others run forward to help you, but the bandit archers are now in range and your men are forced back by a hail of arrows. The red shafts of the enemy whistle past on all sides. You reach the barricade, a wagon is pulled aside, and you are carried in through the gap. Captain D’Val is close to exhaustion; he staggers, and his men rush to catch him before he drops to the ground.“
The Chasm Of Doom

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