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John Galsworthy

Datum narození: 14. srpen 1867
Datum úmrtí: 31. leden 1933

John Galsworthy byl anglický prozaik a dramatik, nositel Nobelovy ceny za literaturu za rok 1932.

„Idealismus vzrůstá v přímé úměře k své vzdálenosti od problému.“

„Co je život jiného, než řada stanic, kde jsme zmeškali nebo chytili svůj vlak.“

„To, po čem nejvíce toužíme, nás nakonec zotročí.“

„Tímto světem projdu jen jednou.
Proto každé dobro a laskavost, kterou mohu prokázat kterékoliv lidské bytosti, nebo němé tváři,
nechť vykonám nyní a nechť je neodkládám.
Neboť nepůjdu znovu touto cestou.“

„To, po čem nevíce toužíme, nás nakonec zotročí.“

„Kdo s někým může vůbec mluvit v přítomnosti své ženy?“

„Úcta k druhým je důvodem, proč si člověk váží sám sebe.“

„Houser; to je jediné, co může přinést láska staršímu pánovi.“

„Life calls the tune, we dance.“

„Love is not a hot-house flower, but a wild plant, born of a wet night, born of an hour of sunshine; sprung from wild seed, blown along the road by a wild wind. A wild plant that, when it blooms by chance within the hedge of our gardens, we call a flower; and when it blooms outside we call a weed; but, flower or weed, whose scent and colour are always, wild!“ The Forsyte Saga

„It was such a spring day as breathes into a man an ineffable yearning, a painful sweetness, a longing that makes him stand motionless, looking at the leaves or grass, and fling out his arms to embrace he knows not what.“ The Forsyte Saga

„Beauty means this to one person, perhaps, and that to another. And yet when any one of us has seen or heard or read that which to him is beautiful, he has known an emotion which is in every case the same in kind, if not in degree; an emotion precious and uplifting. A choirboy's voice, a ship in sail, an opening flower, a town at night, the song of the blackbird, a lovely poem, leaf shadows, a child's grace, the starry skies, a cathedral, apple trees in spring, a thorough-bred horse, sheep-bells on a hill, a rippling stream, a butterfly, the crescent moon -- the thousand sights or sounds or words that evoke in us the thought of beauty -- these are the drops of rain that keep the human spirit from death by drought. They are a stealing and a silent refreshment that we perhaps do not think about but which goes on all the time.... It would surprise any of us if we realized how much store we unconsciously set by beauty, and how little savour there would be left in life if it were withdrawn. It is the smile on the earth's face, open to all, and needs but the eyes to see, the mood to understand.“

„the biggest tragedy of life is the utter impossibility to change what you have done“

„One's eyes are what one is, one's mouth is what one becomes.“ The Forsyte Saga

„Idealism increases in direct proportion to one’s distance from the problem.“

„Not the least hard thing to bear when they go from us, these quiet friends, is that they carry away with them so many years of our own lives.“

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