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Khushwant Singh

Datum narození: 2. únor 1915
Datum úmrtí: 20. březen 2014

Khushwant Singh byl indický spisovatel a novinář.

„Byl jsem pojmenováván jako špinavý starý muž, a to mi ani trochu nevadí.“

„Not forever does the bulbul sing
In balmy shades of bowers,
Not forever lasts the spring
Nor ever blossom the flowers.
Not forever reigneth joy,
Sets the sun on days of bliss,
Friendships not forever last,
They know not life, who know not this.“
Train to Pakistan

„When the world is itself draped in the mantle of night, the mirror of the mind is like the sky in which thoughts twinkle like stars.“ Delhi

„Freedom is for the educated people who fought for it. We were slaves of the English, now we will be slaves of the educated Indians—or the Pakistanis.“ Train to Pakistan

„Morality is a matter of money. Poor people cannot afford to have morals. So they have religion.“

„The last to learn of gossip are the parties concerned“ Train to Pakistan

„Maorality is a matter of money. Poor people cannot afford to have morals. So they have religion“ Train to Pakistan

„India is constipated with a lot of humbug. Take religion. For the Hindu, it means little besides caste and cow-protection. For the Muslim, circumcision and kosher meat. For the Sikh, long hair and hatred of the Muslim. For the Christian, Hinduism with a sola topee. For the Parsi, fire-worship and feeding vultures. Ethics, which should be the kernel of a religious code, has been carefully removed.“ Train To Pakistan

„That's Delhi. When life gets too much for you all you need to do is to spend an hour at Nigambodh Ghat, watch the dead being put to flames and hear their kin wail for them. Then come home and down a couple of pegs of whisky. In Delhi, death and drink make life worth living“ Delhi

„Your principle should be to see everything and say nothing. The world changes so rapidly that if you want to get on you cannot afford to align yourself with any person or point of view.“

„Once through this ruined city did I pass
I espied a lonely bird on a bough and asked
‘What knowest thou of this wilderness?’
It replied: 'I can sum it up in two words:
‘Alas, Alas!“

„I asked my soul: What is Delhi? She replied: The world is the body and Delhi its life. Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib“ Delhi: A Novel

„We are of the mysterious East. No proof, just faith. No reason, just faith.“ Train To Pakistan

„Poor people cannot afford to have morals. So they have religion.“ Train To Pakistan

„But big people’s illnesses are always made to sound big. The simple shutting and opening of the royal arse-hole was made to sound as if the world was coming to an end.“ Delhi: A Novel

„Consciousness of the bad is an essential prerequisite to the promotion of the good.“ Train To Pakistan

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