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La Vyrle Spencer

Datum narození: 17. červenec 1943

La Vyrle Spencer je americká spisovatelka.

Citáty La Vyrle Spencer

„Z nepriazne osudu sa rodí sila.“ Požehnanie rodiny

„... to najvzácnejšie zlato, ktoré môže manžel priniesť svojej žene a žena svojmu mužovi, určite nie je to, ktoré sa dá rozprášiť na hodvábne nite, či kúpiť v klenotníctve, alebo vložiť do ruky. Je to láska a vernosť, ktorú si prinášajú jeden druhému za všetky tie roky, keď spolu starnú.“ Staré krivdy

„Life must not be squandered. A person got from life what he put ino it.“ The Endearment

„She's had so little love, Jesse thought, I will drown her in it for the rest of her life.“ Hummingbird

„Lizzy, Will thought. Lizzy P. 'You n me gonna be buddies, darlin'. He stretched one hand to Elly's hair, and circled Donald Wade's rump with his free arm and touched Thomas's leg, on the far side of Elly. And he smiled at Lizzy P. and thought, Heaven's got nothin' on being the husband of Eleanor Dinsmore.“ Morning Glory

„Touch me, he thought, my arm, my hand, a finger. Let me know it's all right for me to have these feelings for you.“ Morning Glory

„Could you say it once," he entreated, "like they say people do?"

Her heart beat like the wings of an eagle, taking her soaring as she spoke the words. "I love you, Will Parker."

The sting hit his eyelids and he hung his head because nobody had prepared him for this, nobody had said, When it happens you'll be resurrected. All that you were you will not be. All that you weren't, you are. He lunged against her, burying his face above her breasts, holding fast. "Oh, God..." he groaned. "Oh, God.“
Morning Glory

„Will asked Miss Beasley what kind of man Glendon Dinsmore had been and she answered, as different from you as air is from earth. He asked which he was, air or earth? She laughed and said, "That's what I like about you—you really don't know.“ Morning Glory

„She writhed between him and the door and he moved his mouth to her ear, whispering hoarsely, "Abbie, I'm going to take you to that bed and make love to you like you never imagined you'd be made love to again.“ Hummingbird

„You... you loved her, didn't you, Pa?”

Theodore sighed, and kept staring at the horses' rumps.

“Oh, I loved her, all right,” he answered. “A man sometimes can't help lovin' a woman, even if she's the wrong one.“

„Sometimes we must do things, plenty scared or not. To be able to say afterward, `I was plenty scared`makes a man a bigger man, not a smaller one.“ The Endearment

„¿Podrías decirlo una vez? —suplicó—. Como dicen que hace la gente.
El corazón de Eleanor latió con la fuerza de las alas de un águila y la elevó a lo más alto mientras se lo decía:
—Te amo, Will Parker.
Will sintió una punzada de dolor y bajó la cabeza porque nadie le había preparado para eso, nadie le había dicho: «Cuando ocurra, resucitarás. Dejarás de ser lo que fuiste. Serás lo que no eras.» Se precipitó hacia ella y hundió la cara en su pecho.
—Oh, Dios mío… —gimió, abrazado con fuerza a ella—. Oh, Dios mío.
Elly le sujetó la cabeza como si fuera un niño que se despertaba de una pesadilla.
—Te amo —le susurró en el pelo con lágrimas en los ojos.
—Oh, Elly, yo también te amo —dijo con la voz entrecortada—, pero tenía tanto miedo de que nadie pudiera amarme. Creía que tal vez era imposible que alguien lo hiciera.“
Morning Glory

„Will fired the shoes like two orange grenades into the alley, pushed her outside and offered in parting, "If you're in heat, Lula, go yowl beneath somebody else's window!“ Morning Glory

„Entonces, dijiste algo que nunca olvidé. Dijiste que estar con él hacía la vida más significativa, y que cuando se iba, llegaba el otoño a tu corazón.“ November of the Heart

„Happy people got something to fight for.“ Morning Glory

„Dímelo otra vez —pidió, insaciable.
—¿Qué? —lo provocó.
—Ya sabes qué. Dímelo.
—Te amo.
—Otra vez. Tengo que oírlo una vez más.
—Te amo.
—¿No te cansarás nunca de que te pida que me lo digas?
—No tendrás que pedírmelo.
—Ni tú a mí. Te amo.“
Morning Glory

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