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Leonard Woolf

Datum narození: 25. listopad 1880
Datum úmrtí: 14. srpen 1969

Leonard Sidney Woolf byl anglický politický teoretik, spisovatel, nakladatel a pracovník koloniální správy, manžel spisovatelky Virginie Woolfové.

„Práce mozkem je pro většinu lidí tak bolestivá jako vrtání zubů.“

„Anyone can be a barbarian; it requires a terrible effort to remain a civilized man.“

„Novels by serious writers of genius often eventually become best-sellers, but most contemporary best-sellers are written by second-class writers whose psychological brew contains a touch of naïvety, a touch of sentimentality, the story-telling gift, and a mysterious sympathy with the day-dreams of ordinary people.“

„I get your moments when nothing seems to matter & I suppose that most of the time we, or I at any rate, are passively inert to happiness or unhappiness. I mean that we are so persistently automatic that most of the day is a trance. When I do think or feel, it is usually with rage or despair. Don’t you feel often or always that there is so little time to lose, & that we are losing it so fast. The Christians are right there, I feel, it wouldn’t matter if there were another life, if there were some chance of making up for the time we are cruelly forced to lose here. But to be hurrying to annihilation, & only to have lived for a hour or two out of twenty five years! And you say, as they all would say, ‘I feel it’s an episode’: you don’t seem to see that in a few minutes we shall be old & in a few hours dead, that it’s an episode between youth & life, & sterility & annihilation.“ Letters of Leonard Woolf

„One must be crucified on one’s own private cross.“

„Nothing matters.“

„Life consisted of a few isolated flashes of existence, oases in a great wilderness of boredom. We live once perhaps in a week, sometimes perhaps in a year. I incline for the moment to the belief—it is in the Symposium almost—that Life is only a striving, to make two souls into one, to complete the bisected mystic circle. Each soul is but a half circle, there is somewhere its complement & we are all striving, searching to find the other half. Sometimes we find one that is almost—but not quite—the complement, the soul of a man or woman alive or the soul of a dead man living in music or poem—& there is a flash of soul fire & for a moment we live. But the flame dies down for the circle was not complete & then the old wandering in the wilderness of Boredom begins again. If only one could really complete the circle! Poets, artists & musicians are the happiest—for they create another soul out of their own & these two half circles—the old & the self-created souls—join & there is a flash that never dies down & they always live.“ Letters of Leonard Woolf

„I see clearly that I have achieved practically nothing.“

„It is never right for any individual or government to do any vast evil as a means to some hypothetical good.“

„Suddenly I heard Virginia’s voice calling to me from the sitting room window: “Hitler is making a speech.” I shouted back, “I shan’t come. I’m planting iris and they will be flowering long after he is dead.“ Downhill All The Way: An Autobiography of the Years 1919 To 1939

„Nothing matters, and everything matters.“

„You can't love by desiring an extremely vague desire of a very vague moon.“

„There is nothing to be said except about the sheer waste and futility of it all. It is the war all over again, when one is rung up to be told that Rupert was dead, or that one's brother was killed, and one knew that it was only to produce the kind of world we are living in now. Horrible.“

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