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Margery Allingham

Datum narození: 20. květen 1904
Datum úmrtí: 30. červen 1966
Další jména: Margery Allinghamová

Margery Louise Allinghamová byla anglická detektivní spisovatelka narozená v Londýně, která vydala mnoho novel, krátkých příběhů a her, hlavně v kriminálním žánru. Nejznámější byla jako tvůrce detektiva/dobrodruha Alberta Campiona.

„Samolibost je pocit lidí, kteří sdílejí šťastné přesvědčení, že nejsou jako ti ostatní.“

„She rose and followed her bust from the room.“

„I believe that an author who cannot control her characters is, like a mother who cannot control her children, not really fit to look after them.“

„The process of elimination, combined with a modicum of common sense, will always assist us to arrive at the correct conclusion with the maximum of possible accuracy and the minimum of hard labor. Which being translated means: I guessed it.“ Look to the Lady

„Albert Campion: 'I’m serious!'
Lugg: 'That’s unhealthy in itself.“
Mystery Mile

„It was a little skirmish across a century.“ Black Plumes

„There are, fortunately, very few people who can say that they have actually attended a murder.“ Death of a Ghost

„When Mr. William Faraday sat down to write his memoirs after fifty-eight years of blameless inactivity he found the work of inscribing the history of his life almost as tedious as living it had been, and so, possessing a natural invention coupled with a gift for locating the easier path, he began to prevaricate a little upon the second page, working his way up to downright lying on the sixth and subsequent folios.“ Dancers in Mourning

„But there are roughly two sorts of informed people, aren't there? People who start off right by observing the pitfalls and mistakes and going round them, and the people who fall into them and get out and know they're there because of that. They both come to the same conclusions but they don't have quite the same point of view.“ Dancers in Mourning

„Beware of anger. It is the most difficult to remove of all the hindrances. But it is the alcohol of the body, you know, and the devil of it is that it deadens the perceptions.“

„A great deal has been written about the forthrightness of the moderns shocking the Victorians, but there is no shock like the one which the forthrightness of the Victorians can give a modern.“ Black Plumes

„In common with most writers, he had evolved his own technique for making bearable the drudgery of his abominable trade“ The Tiger In The Smoke

„Mr. Campion felt that among the ordeals by fire and by water there should now be numbered the ordeal by dinner at Socrates Close.“ Police at the Funeral

„He used to be a burglar, you know. It’s the old story – lost his figure. As he says himself, it cramps your style when your only means of exit are the double doors in the front hall.“ Police at the Funeral

„Why it is that a garment which is honestly attractive in, say, 1910 should be honestly ridiculous a few years later and honestly charming again a few years later still is one of those things which are not satisfactorily to be explained and are therefore jolly and exciting and an addition to the perennial interest of life.“ The Fashion in Shrouds

„Lying wastes more time than anything else in the modern world.“ The Tiger in the Smoke

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