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Paul von Hindenburg

Datum narození: 2. říjen 1847
Datum úmrtí: 2. srpen 1934


Paul von Hindenburg, celým jménem Paul Ludwig Hans Anton von Beneckendorff und von Hindenburg, byl německý polní maršál, významná osobnost první světové války a v letech 1925–1934 prezident Německa. Vzducholoď Hindenburg získala své jméno na jeho počest.

Citáty Paul von Hindenburg

„Prosperity can come through peace alone.“

— Paul von Hindenburg
Context: Prosperity can come through peace alone. The German people are in favor of all possible means to make war impossible. I have seen three wars. A man who has seen three wars never will wish another war. He must be a friend of peace. But I am not a pacifist. All my impressions of war are so bad that I could be for it only under the sternest necessity — the necessity of fighting Bolshevism or of defending one's country.


„Interview of 1929, as quoted in "Nations are greatly concerned over death of German President" in Berkeley Daily Gazette (1 August 1934)“

— Paul von Hindenburg
Variant translation: I am not a pacifist. That is not my attitude. But all my impressions of war are so bad that I could be for it only under the sternest necessity — the necessity of fighting Bolshevism or of defending one's country. As quoted in TIME magazine (13 January 1930)

„In the Great War ledger, the page on which the Russian losses were written has been torn out. No one knows the figure. Five or eight Million?“

— Paul von Hindenburg
As quoted in With Snow on Their Boots : The Tragic Odyssey of the Russian Expeditionary Force in France During World War I (1999) by Jamie H. Cockfield, p. 28

„Recently, a whole series of cases has been reported to me in which judges, lawyers, and officials of the Judiciary who are disabled war veterans and whose record in office is flawless, have been forcibly sent on leave, and are later to be dismissed for the sole reason that they are of Jewish descent.
It is quite intolerable for me personally…that Jewish officials who were disabled in the war should suffer such treatment, [especially] as, with the express approval of the government, I addressed a Proclamation to the German people on the day of the national uprising, March 21st, in which I bowed in reverence before the dead of the war and remembered in gratitude the bereaved families of the war dead, the disabled, and my old comrades at the front.
I am certain, Mr. Chancellor, that you share this human feeling, and request you, most cordially and urgently, to look into this matter yourself, and to see to it that there is some uniform arrangement for all branches of the public service in Germany.
As far as my own feelings are concerned, officials, judges, teachers and lawyers who are war invalids, fought at the front, are sons of war dead, or themselves lost sons in the war should remain in their positions unless an individual case gives reason for different treatment. If they were worthy of fighting for Germany and bleeding for Germany, then they must also be considered worthy of continuing to serve the Fatherland in their professions.“

— Paul von Hindenburg
[ Letter to Chancellor Adolf Hitler], (April 4th 1933).

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