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Rjú Murakami

Datum narození: 19. únor 1952

Rjú Murakami je současný japonský spisovatel, filmový scenárista a režisér.

„Každý ukazuje rány, které v životě utrpěl, jako když kulturista hrdě předvádí svaly. A i když je to k neuvěření, člověk věří, člověk věří, že své rány vyléčí, když je takhle ukáže ostatním.“

„Every one of a hundred thousand cities around the world had its own special sunset and it was worth going there, just once, if only to see the sun go down.“ Coin Locker Babies

„People who love horror films are people with boring lives... when a really scary movie is over, you're reassured to see that you're still alive and the world still exists as it did before. That's the real reason we have horror films - they act as shock absorbers - and if they disappeared altogether, I bet you'd see a big leap in the number of serial killers. After all, anyone stupid enough to get the idea of murdering people from a movie could get the same idea from watching the news.“ In the Miso Soup

„Everybody wants to talk about themselves, and everybody wants to hear everybody else's story, so we take turns playing reporter and celebrity.“

„... The type of loneliness where you need to keep struggling to accept a situation is fundamentally different than the sort you know you'll get through if you just hang in there“ In the Miso Soup

„She's like smoke:you think you're seeing her clearly enough, but when you reach for her there's nothing there“

„Parents, teachers, government - they all teach you how to live the dreary, deadening life of a slave, but nobody teaches you how to live normally.“ In the Miso Soup

„They don't realise that they've changed; they think it's the world that changed.“ Coin Locker Babies

„All Americans have something lonely about them. I don't know what the reason might be, except maybe that they're all descended from immigrants.“ In the Miso Soup

„Words themselves aren't that important. Even if somebody says words that shock you, or make you want to kill them, or make you tremble with emotion, the words themselves you tend to forget in time. Words are just tools we use to express or communicate something.“ Popular Hits of the Showa Era

„Yeah, he'd said, maybe it's just my idea, but really it always hurts, the times it don't hurt is when we just forget, we just forget it hurts, you know, it's not just because my belly's all rotten, everybody always hurts. So when it really starts stabbing me, somehow I feel sort of peaceful, like I'm myself again.“ Almost Transparent Blue

„Malevolence is born of negative feelings like loneliness and sadness and anger. It comes from an emptiness inside you that feels as if it's been carved out with a knife, an emptiness you're left with when something very important has been taken away from you“

„There in that pool stained with green blood, he had learned two things: one was that all the pain stopped when you stopped fighting death; and the other was that as long as you could still hear your heart beating, you had to keep fighting back.“ Coin Locker Babies

„Just before I fell asleep, I had a moment of panic...“ In the Miso Soup

„The world's worst flavor combination was mango and menthol.“ Coin Locker Babies

„This was a factory, a sorting house. We were no different from dogs and pigs and cows: all of us were allowed to play when we were small, but then, just before reaching maturity, we were sorted and classified. Being a high school student was the first step toward becoming a domestic animal.“ 69

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