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Anthony Powell

Datum narození: 21. prosinec 1905
Datum úmrtí: 28. březen 2000
Další jména: Anthony Dymoke Powell

Anthony Dymoke Powell byl anglický romanopisec.

Citáty Anthony Powell

„Stárnout je jako být stále více trestán za zločin, který jste nespáchali.“

„I get a warm feeling among my books.“

„Books do furnish a room.“ Dance to the Music of Time

„Growing old is like being increasingly penalized for a crime you haven't committed.“

„It is not what happens to people that is significant, but what they think happens to them.“

„I was impressed for the ten thousandth time by the fact that literature illuminates life only for those to whom books are a necessity. Books are unconvertible assets, to be passed on only to those who possess them already.“ The Valley of Bones

„There is, after all, no pleasure like that given by a woman who really wants to see you.“ The Acceptance World

„Writing is a combination of intangible creative fantasy and appallingly hard work.“

„The latter's boast that he had never read a book for pleasure in his life did not predispose me in his favour.“ A Question of Upbringing

„Literature illuminates life only for those to whom books are a necessity.“

„For some reason, the sight of snow descending on fire always makes me think of the ancient world – legionaries in sheepskin warming themselves at a brazier: mountain altars where offerings glow between wintry pillars; centaurs with torches cantering beside a frozen sea – scattered, unco-ordinated shapes from a fabulous past, infinitely removed from life; and yet bringing with them memories of things real and imagined. These classical projections, and something in the physical attitudes of the men themselves as they turned from the fire, suddenly suggested Poussin’s scene in which the Seasons, hand in hand and facing outward, tread in rhythm to the notes of the lyre that the winged and naked greybeard plays. The image of Time brought thoughts of mortality: of human beings, facing outwards like the Seasons, moving hand in hand in intricate measure: stepping slowly, methodically, sometimes a trifle awkwardly, in evolutions that take recognisable shape: or breaking into seeminly meaningless gyrations, while partners disappear only to reappear again, once more giving pattern to the spectacle: unable to control the melody, unable, perhaps, to control the steps of the dance.“ A Question of Upbringing

„One passes through the world knowing few, if any, of the important things about even the people with whom one has been from time to time in the closest intimacy.“ The Kindly Ones

„Later in life, I learnt that many things one may require have to be weighed against one's dignity, which can be an insuperable barrier against advancement in almost any direction. However, in those days, choice between dignity and unsatisfied curiosity was less clear to me as a cruel decision that had to be made.“ A Dance to the Music of Time: 1st Movement

„When people really hate one another, the tension within them can sometimes make itself felt throughout a room, like atmospheric waves, first hot, then cold, wafted backwards and forwards as if in an invisible process of air conditioning, creating a pervasive physical disturbance.“ The Valley of Bones

„Human relationships flourish and decay, quickly and silently, so that those concerned scarcely know how brittle, or how inflexible, the ties that bind them have become.“ A Question of Upbringing

„Women may show some discrimination about whom they sleep with, but they'll marry anybody.“ A Dance to the Music of Time: 2nd Movement

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