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Eugene Boudin

Datum narození: 12. červenec 1824
Datum úmrtí: 8. srpen 1898


Eugène-Louis Boudin [buden] byl francouzský malíř, významný představitel impresionizmu a jeden z prvních krajinářů malujících přímo v přírodě.

Citáty Eugene Boudin

„I dare not think of the sun-drenched beaches and the stormy skies, and of the joy of painting them in the sea breezes.“

— Eugène Boudin
Quote in a letter, from Paris 14 June 1869, to family-friend Ferdinand Martin; as cited by Colin B. Bailey in The Annenberg Collection: Masterpieces of Impressionism and Post-impressionism, publisher, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 2009, p. 7 Boudin felt himself detained in the big city Paris and longed fort the beach


„I exhaust myself terribly to content the world, and never manage to content myself.“

— Eugène Boudin
Quote of Boudin's note, c. 1890; as cited in G. Jean-Aubry & Robert Schmit, Eugène Boudin, Greenwich: New York Graphic Society, 1968, p. 115

„When I got back [from Le Havre], where I had made several sketches of the harbour exit, I thought of placing the sun in the background. I liked the picture so much that I painted it ten times over, with its three-master and its sun.“

— Eugène Boudin
Quote from Boudin's letter, 1882; as cited in the [ article 'Artists around Monet], Muma-museum, Le Havre

„Imagine an immense plain.... in the middle, a small Gothic chapel surrounded by trees.... around that a hundred tents made of white canvas.... in open-air kitchens huge pots of boiling soup, incredible ragouts..“

— Eugène Boudin
Quote of Boudin in a letter to his brother, 1857; as cited in the [ descritption of 'The Pardon of Saint-Anne-La-Palud' by the Met-museum]] Boudin described in his typical way the scene of the sacred procession of the Pardon of Saint-Anne-la-Palud, a major religious festival in Brittany, that he witnessed in 1857

„They [the holiday-visitors near Le Havre] love my little ladies [paintings] on the beach, and some people say that there's a thread of gold to exploit there.“

— Eugène Boudin
Quote in Boudin's letter to family-friend Ferdinand Martin, from Paris, 12 February 1863; as cited by Colin B. Bailey in The Annenberg Collection: Masterpieces of Impressionism and Post-impressionism, publisher, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 2009, p. 11

„I shall do other things, but I will always be the painter of beaches.“

— Eugène Boudin
Quote from Boudin's letter to his brother, 1865; as cited in[ Boudin, Lady in white on the beach of Trouville] the genre of beach-painting became then an immediate success with art enthusiasts

„I am obsessed with the idea of leaving. I must travel, for that would probably relax me.“

— Eugène Boudin
Quote from Boudin's Journal, c. 1890; as cited in G. Jean-Aubry & Robert Schmit, Eugène Boudin, Greenwich: New York Graphic Society, 1968, p. 21


„[Venice is] somewhat disguised by the artists who usually paint Venice, who have disfigured it by turning it into a city heated by the brightest and hottest sun. On the contrary, Venice, like all luminous cities, has a grey hue, the atmosphere is mild and misty and the sky arrays itself with clouds, just like the sky of our Norman and Dutch regions.“

— Eugène Boudin
Quote of Boudin's letter, from Venice, 1895; to art-dealer Durand-Ruel; as cited in [ 'Venice, The Grand Canal' 1895, by Anne-Marie Bergeret-Gourbin], Museo Thyssen

„I have too often contented myself with being a hasty improviser: I have spent too much time exploring fleeting effects of the sky and sea.“

— Eugène Boudin
Quote of Boudin; as cited in [ Eugene Boudin, L'atelier de la Lumière'], Museum Muma, Le Havre

„I think I will go back to mahogany [wood, as layer for his paintings], the only stable wood, together with old oak. But mahogany is so heavy. And it has another drawback, it blackens even through the primers if they are not thick enough and applied in several coats.“

— Eugène Boudin
Quote from Boudin's letter in 1894; as cited in [ 'Figures on the Beach in Trouville, 1869', by Anne-Marie Bergeret-Gourbin], Museo Thyssen Eighty percent of Boudin's beach scenes are painted on wood panels; in small formats, c. 30 x 45 cm


„To swim in the open sky. To achieve the tenderness of clouds. To suspend these masses in the distance, very far away in the grey mist, make the blue explode. I feel all this coming, dawning in my intentions. What joy and what torment! If the bottom were still, perhaps I would never reach these depths. Did they do better in the past? Did the Dutch achieve the poetry of clouds I seek? That tenderness of the sky which even extends to admiration, to worship: it is no exaggeration.“

— Eugène Boudin
Diary-note of Boudin, 3 December, 1856; as cited in [ the description of his painting 'Sky, Setting Sun, Bushes in Foreground'], by the Muma-museum, Le Havre A quote from Boudin's personal diary sheds remarkable light on a small group of his sky studies

„I am a loner, a daydreamer who has been content to remain in his part of the world and look at the sky. The future will treat me as it does all of us. I am very much afraid it may be oblivion.“

— Eugène Boudin
Quote of Boudin, as cited by Dalya Alberge, in [ 'Life's a beach: Boudin...' in 'Independent online'], 9 February 1993

„I regret I no longer have the years of youth needed to create a beautiful series of views of this place, which would in any case be rather difficult to paint due to the monuments, which require a good draughtsmanship and long stays in the city, like Ziem used to do in the past.“

— Eugène Boudin
Quote of Boudin from Venice, c. 1893-94; as cited in [ 'Venice, The Grand Canal', by Anne-Marie Bergeret-Gourbin], Museo Thyssen

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