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Francisco Goya

Datum narození: 30. březen 1746
Datum úmrtí: 16. duben 1828
Další jména:Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes,Francisco J. de Goya y Lucientes,E Lucientes Francisco José Goya


Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes byl španělský malíř a rytec romantismu.

Citáty Francisco Goya


„Imagination without reason produces impossible monsters; with reason, it becomes the mother of the arts, and the source of its marvels.“

— Francisco De Goya
quoted by Albert Frederick Calvert, in Goya; an account of his life and works; publisher London J. Lane, 1908; as quoted in Francisco Goya, Hugh Stokes, Herbert Jenkins Limited Publishers, London, 1914, pp. 355-377 Goya wrote this inscription upon a later copy of the etching-plate Capricho no. 43


„Goya in gratitude to his friend Arrieta for the skill and great care with which he saved his [Goya's] life in his acute and dangerous illness, suffered at the end of 1819, at the age of seventy-tree years. He painted this in 1820.“

— Francisco De Goya
inscription by Goya, 1820 Goya painted this long inscription in 1820, - in the tradition of the ex-votos in the churches - in the double-portrait, [of his friend, and of Goya himself as the patient], he made of his doctor Eugenio Garciá Arrieta who helped him in 1819 with a severe illness

„To occupy my imagination, which has been depressed by dwelling on my misfortunes, and to compensate at least in part for some of the considerable expenses I have incurred, I set myself to painting a series of cabinet pictures.... they depict themes that cannot usually be dealt with in commissioned works, where 'capricho' [whim] and invention do not have much of a role to play. I thought of sending them to the academy..“

— Francisco De Goya
letter to his friend Bernardo de Iriarte, deputy of the Royal Academy of San Fernando in Madrid, Jan. 1794; as quoted in 'Goya and Iriarte', in Goya his Life and Work, P. Gassier and J. Wilson, 1971, p. 382 cabinet paintings were small portable paintings, which did not need a lot of wall-space and could be moved around at the owner's whim. Goya's famous series 'Caprichos' really begin after physical and probably mental breakdown in 1792. He was 46, and thereafter deaf until his death in 1828

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