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Guy Gavriel Kay

Datum narození: 1. listopad 1954

Guy Gavriel Kay je kanadský autor fantasy.

„A stejně tak mnoho lidí, kteří na hipodromu byli (i těch, kteří tu nebyli, ale později tvrdili, že ano), lpělo na své vlastní verzi toho, co se tehdy dělo. A mohly to být velmi rozdílné věci a různorodé okamžiky, neboť každý z nás má ve své duši jiné struny a na každého se hraje jinak, protože každý je osobitý nástroj - a jak by tomu mohlo být jinak?“ Pán císařů

„There are no wrong turnings. Only paths we had not known we were meant to walk.“ Tigana

„My youngest brother had a wonderful schtick from some time in high school, through to graduating medicine. He had a card in his wallet that read, ‘If I am found with amnesia, please give me the following books to read …’ And it listed half a dozen books where he longed to recapture that first glorious sense of needing to find out ‘what happens next’ … the feeling that keeps you up half the night. The feeling that comes before the plot’s been learned.“

„In this world, where we find ourselves, we need compassion more than anything, I think, or we are all alone.“ Tigana

„How we remember changes how we have lived.
Time runs both ways. We make stories of our lives.“
Under Heaven

„There are kinds of action, for good or ill, that lie so far outside the boundaries of normal behavior that they force us, in acknowledging that they have occurred, to restructure our own understanding of reality. We have to make room for them.“ The Summer Tree

„The deeds of men, as footprints in the desert.
Nothing under the circling moons is fated to last.
Even the sun goes down.“
The Lions of Al-Rassan

„Ice is for death and endings.“ Tigana

„Words were power, words tried to change you, to shape bridges of longing that no one could ever really cross.“ Tigana

„We must be what we are, or we become our enemies.“ A Song for Arbonne

„One man sees a riselka: his life forks there.
 Two men see a riselka: one of them shall die.
 Three men see a riselka: one is blessed, one forks, one shall die.

One woman sees a riselka: her path comes clear to her.
 Two women see a riselka: one of them shall bear a child.
 Three women see a riselka: one is blessed, one is clear, one shall bear a child.“

„The world could bring you poison in a jewelled cup, or surprising gifts. Sometimes you didn't know which of them it was.“ Under Heaven

„The heart has its own laws... and the truth is... the truth is that you are the law of mine.“ Tigana

„By things so achingly small are lives measured and marred.“ Tigana

„A hard truth: that courage can be without meaning or impact, need not be rewarded, or even known. The world has not been made in that way. Perhaps, however, within the self there might come a resonance, the awareness of having done something difficult, of having done....“ The Last Light of the Sun

„We salvage what we can, what truly matters to us, even at the gates of despair.“ The Summer Tree

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