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Irène Némirovsky

Datum narození: 24. únor 1903
Datum úmrtí: 17. srpen 1942

Irena Nemirovská byla ruská spisovatelka píšící ve francouzštině.

Citáty Irène Némirovsky

„Dobré vychování slouží právě ke korigování reflexů lidské přirozenosti.“

„Pomož si sám a bude ti pomoženo.“

„Deep within everyone's heart there always remains a sense of longing for that hour, that summer, that one brief moment of blossoming. For several weeks or months, rarely longer, a beautiful young woman lives outside ordinary life. She is intoxicated. She feels as if she exists beyond time, beyond its laws; she experiences not the monotonous succession of days passing by, but moments of intense, almost desperate happiness.“ Jezebel

„Adieu," he said, "this is goodbye. I'll never forget you, never."
She stood silent. He looked at her and saw her eyes full of tears. He turned away.
At this moment she wasn't ashamed of loving him, because her physical desire had gone and all she felt towards him now was pity and a profound, almost maternal tenderness. She forced herself to smile. "Like the Chinese mother who sent her son off to war telling him to be careful 'because war has its dangers,' I'm asking you, if you have any feelings for me, to be as careful as possible with your life."
Because it is precious to you?" he asked nervously.
Yes. Because it is precious to me.“
Suite Francaise

„How sad the world is, so beautiful yet so absurd...“ Suite Française

„But what is certain is that in five, ten or twenty years, this problem unique to our time, according to him, will no longer exist, it will be replaced by others... Yet this music, the sound of this rain on the windows, the great mournful creaking of the cedar tree in the garden outside, this moment, so tender, so strange in the middle of war, this will never change, not this, this is forever.“ Suite Francaise

„... for music alone can abolish differences
of language or culture between two people and invoke something indestructible within them.“
Suite Française

„Important events — whether serious, happy or unfortunate — do not change a man's soul, they merely bring it into relief, just as a strong gust of wind reveals the true shape of a tree when it blows off all its leaves. Such events highlight what is hidden in the shadows, they nudge the spirit towards a place where it can flourish.“

„When I was born I was so surprised I didn't talk for a year and a half.“

„When you love someone as much as that, you don't believe they can die. You think your love protects them.“ The Wine of Solitude

„After all, people judge one another according to their own feelings. It is only the miser who sees other enticed by money, the lustful who see others obsessed by desire.“ Suite Française

„All the light of the day, fleeing the earth, seemed for one brief moment to take refuge in the sky; pink clouds spiralled round the full moon that was as green as pistachio sorbet and as clear as glass; it was reflected in the lake.“ Suite Française

„... because all happiness is contagious, and disarms the spirit of hatred.“ Suite Française

„Paris had its sweetest smell, the smell of chestnut trees in bloom and of petrol with a few grains of dust that crack under your teeth like pepper. In the darknes the danger seemed to grow. You could smell the suffering in the air, in the silence. Everyone looked at their house and thought, "Tomorrow it will be in ruins, tomorrow I'l have nothing left.“ Suite Française

„What separates or unites people is not their language, their laws, their customs, their principles, but the way they hold their knife and fork.“ Suite Française

„They felt a strange happiness, an urgent need to reveal their hearts to each other- the urgency of lovers, which is already a gift, the very first one, the gift of the soul before the body surrenders. 'Know me, look at me. This is who I am. This is how I have lived, this is what I have loved. And you? What about you, my darling?“ Suite Française

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