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Karl Rahner

Datum narození: 5. březen 1904
Datum úmrtí: 30. březen 1984

Prof. Karl Rahner byl německý katolický kněz, jezuita a teolog, jeden z nejvýznamnějších teologů 20. století. Stal se jedním z nejvlivnějších teologů Druhého vatikánského koncilu. Jeho Sebrané spisy mají 26 svazků.

„Ale vlastně existuje člověk jako člověk jen tehdy, když říká ,Bůh‘ - alespoň jako otázku, alespoň jako zamítavou a zamítnutou otázku. Absolutní smrt slova ,Bůh‘, která by vymazala i jeho minulost, by byla signálem (jejž by už nikdo nezaslechl), že zemřel sám člověk.“

„Zbožný zítřka bude mystikem, někým, kdo něco zakusil, nebo nebude vůbec.“

„When man is with God in awe and love, then he is praying.“ The Need and the Blessing of Prayer

„In the days ahead, you will either be a mystic (one who has experienced God for real) or nothing at all.“

„The number one cause of atheism is Christians. Those who proclaim Him with their mouths and deny Him with their actions is what an unbelieving world finds unbelievable.“

„Only in love can I find you, my God. In love the gates of my soul spring open, allowing me to breathe a new air of freedom and forget my own petty self. In love my whole being streams forth out of the rigid confines of narrowness and anxious self-assertion, which make me a prisoner of my own poverty emptiness. In love all the powers of my soul flow out toward you, wanting never more to return, but to lose themselves completely in you, since by your love you are the inmost center of my heart, closer to me than I am to myself.“ Encounters With Silence

„For it is the bitter grief of theology and its blessed task, too, always to have to seek (because it does not clearly have present to it at the time)... always providing that one has the courage to ask questions, to be dissatisfied, to think with the mind and heart one ACTUALLY has, and not with the mind and heart one is SUPPOSED TO have.“

„Childhood is not a state which only applies to the first phase of our lives in the biological sense. Rather it is a basic condition which is always appropriate to a life that is lived aright.“

„Meditating on the nature and dignity of prayer can cause saying at least one thing to God: Lord, teach us to pray!“ The Need and the Blessing of Prayer

„In the midst of our lives, of our freedom and our struggles, we have to make a radical, absolute decision. And we never know when lightening will strike us out of the blue. It may be when we least expect to be asked whether we have the absolute faith and trust to say yes“

„The task of the theologian is to explain everything through God, and to explain God as unexplainable.“

„For a Catholic understanding of the faith there is no reason why the basic concern of Evangelical Christianity as it comes to expression in the three “only's” should have no place in the Catholic Church. Accepted as basic and ultimate formulas of Christianity, they do not have to lead a person out of the Catholic Church.... They can call the attention of the Catholic church again and again to the fact that grace alone and faith alone really are what saves, and that with all our maneuvering through the history of dogma and the teaching office, we Catholic Christians must find our way back to the sources again and again, back to the primary origins of Holy Scripture and all the more so of the Holy Spirit.“ Foundations of Christian Faith: An Introduction to the Idea of Christianity

„The dead are silent because they live, just as we chatter so loudly to try to make ourselves forget that we are dying. Their silence is really their call to me, the assurance of their immortal love for me.“ Encounters With Silence

„If we have been given the vocation and grace to die with Christ then the everyday and banal occurrence which we call human death has been elevated to a place among God's mysteries.“

„In the ultimate depths of his being man knows nothing more surely than that his knowledge, that is, what is called knowledge in everyday parlance, is only a small island in a vast sea that has not been travelled. It is a floating island, and it might be more familiar to us than the sea, but ultimately it is borne by the sea and only because it is can we be borne by it. Hence the existentiell question for the knower is this: Which does he love more, the small island of his so-called knowledge or the sea of infinite mystery?“ Foundations of Christian Faith: An Introduction to the Idea of Christianity

„The Word is, by definition, immanent in the divinity and active in the world, and as such the Father's revelation. A revelation of the Father without the Logos and his incarnation would be like speaking without words.“ The Trinity

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