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Ken Bruen

Datum narození: 3. leden 1951

Ken Bruen je irský spisovatel.

Citáty Ken Bruen

„"Jseš ten nejlepší člověk, kterého jsem kdy potkal," řekl jsem jí.
Pevně mě objala: "To je naprosto úžasný."
I to byla pravda.
Někdy se bůh nad člověkem smiluje a možná si dokonce řekne: "Tak to stačí, ať ten parchant vidí, jaký by to mohlo být. Jak si žijí vyvolení."“
London Boulevard

„There'll be times when the only refuge is books. Then you'll read as if you meant it, as if your life depended on it.“ The Killing Of The Tinkers

„The Local Paper here asked that me books be banned........ THE HIGHEST PRAISE for an Irish writer.“

„I get through some print.“ The Guards

„The whiskey kicked like a mugger.“ Blitz

„Your life is in some bizarre state when priests are throwing abuse at you on the street.“ The Magdalen Martyrs

„It’s said the difference between one friend and none is infinity.“ The Guards

„He looked old, like a stranger. He was someone else, someone whom he could easily hate. (Tom Pitts, Piggyback)“ Green Hell

„it's life... In all its granite hardness.“ Taming The Alien

„Books. I needed to ground myself and nothing, not even the Jay, quite does it like books. I don't always have the focus to read them but I sure do need them around“

„He missed two people: a) the girl she was; b) the person she’d made him feel he might have been. A deep sigh escaped him.“

„Expect nothing, and by Christ, you’re entitled to even less.“ The Devil

„And so evil flourishes and spreads because decent people don't want to make a fuss.“ The Killing Of The Tinkers

„In London, I tended to hang with the fallen.“ The Killing Of The Tinkers

„The national sport in Ireland, apart from talking, is hurling.“ The McDead

„I had me one sharp knife, a throwback to my glory days of the swans, and it’s sharp as a nun on her second sherry.“ The Devil

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