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Mérimée Prosper

Datum narození: 28. září 1803
Datum úmrtí: 23. září 1870

Prosper Mérimée byl francouzský spisovatel.

„Jsou věci důležitější než peníze, jen je nutno mít peníze, abychom si je mohli koupit.“

„Obdivuji se její kráse, ale bojím se jejího ducha.“

„I'll follow you, even to death—but I won't live with you any more.“ Carmen

„Carmen will always be free.“ Carmen

„She lied, sir. She has always lied. I don't think she ever spoke a word of truth. But when she spoke, I believed her.“ Carmen

„the only really wicked men i have ever known were those who started as idealists. that is what depravity feeds on. illusions and idealism and love gone wrong.“ Carmen

„It strikes me you might place your gifts better. Why should you send powder to a ruffian who will use it to commit crimes? But for the deplorable weakness every one here seems to have for the bandits, they would have disappeared out of Corsica long ago."

"The worst men in our country are not those who are 'in the country.'"

"Give them bread, if it so please you. But I will not have you supply them with ammunition."

"Brother," said Colomba, in a serious voice, "you are master here, and everything in this house belongs to you. But I warn you that I will give this little girl my, so that she may sell it; rather than refuse powder to a bandit.“

„Oh come! You must see I'm a gipsy! Wouldn't you like me to tell you la baji?* Did you never hear tell of Carmencita? That's who I am!“ Carmen

„I was too fond of playing tennis, and that was my ruin. When we Navarrese begin to play tennis, we forget everything else. One day, when I had won the game, a young fellow from Alava picked a quarrel with me.“ Carmen

„When there's a woman looking on, there's no particular merit in snapping one's fingers at death.“ Carmen

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