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Robert Caro

Datum narození: 30. říjen 1935

Robert Allan Caro je americký novinář a spisovatel.

„Válečné příběhy se vždycky přehánějí a všichni s tím v podstatě počítají. Johnsonovo přehánění však bylo víc než to: jeho válečný příběh se totiž jen vzdáleně podobal skutečnosti... Bojoval totiž všeho všudy třináct minut.“

„But although the cliche says that power always corrupts, what is seldom said... is that power always reveals. When a man is climbing, trying to persuade others to give him power, concealment is necessary.... But as a man obtains more power, camouflage becomes less necessary.“ The Passage of Power

„President Kennedy’s eloquence was designed to make men think; President Johnson’s hammer blows are designed to make men act.“ The Passage of Power

„We have talked long enough... about civil rights,' Lyndon Johnson had said. 'It is time... to write it in the books of law' - to embody justice and equality in legislation.“ The Passage of Power

„Hospitality has always been a potent political weapon. Moses used it like a master. Coupled with his overpowering personality, a buffet often did as much for a proposal as a bribe.“ The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York

„If you can’t come into a room and tell right away who is for you and who is against you, you have no business in politics.“ The Path to Power

„Ask not what you have done for Lyndon Johnson, but what you have done for him lately.“ The Passage of Power

„A handshake, as delivered by Lyndon Johnson, could be as effective as a hug.“ Means of Ascent

„Until the end of his life, whenever the subject of the vast growth of the LBJ Company and associated business enterprises was raised, Lyndon Johnson would emphasize that he owned none of it (“All that is owned by Mrs. Johnson.… I don’t have any interest in government-regulated industries of any kind and never have had”).“ Means of Ascent: The Years of Lyndon Johnson II

„He was to become the lawmaker for the poor and the downtrodden and the oppressed. He was to be the bearer of at least a measure of social justice to those whom social justice had so long been denied. The restorer of at least a measure of dignity to those who so desperately needed to be given some dignity. The redeemer of the promises made by them to America. “It is time to write it in the books of law.” By the time Lyndon Johnson left office he had done a lot of writing in those books, had become, above all presidents save Lincoln, the codifier of compassion, the president who wrote mercy and justice in the statute books by which America was governed.“ The Passage of Power

„It is not clear who will bring to the Whitehouse those useful commodities of vivid language, a sense of history and most important - a sense of humour, but Johnson himself will provide many other attributes. He is effective precisely because he is so determined, industrious, personal and even humourless, particularly in dealing with Congress. (…) Kennedy had a detached and even donnish willingness to grant a merit in the other fellow’s argument. Johnson is not so inclined to retreat and grants nothing in an argument, not even equal time. Ask not what you have done for Lyndon Johnson, but what you have done for him lately. This may not be the most attractive quality of the new administration but it works. The lovers of style are not too happy with the new administration, but the lovers of substance are not complaining.“ The Passage of Power

„I will not deny that there are men in the district better qualified than I to go to Congress, but, gentlemen, these men are not in the race.“ The Path to Power

„The most important thing a man has to tell you is what he’s not telling you,” he said. “The most important thing he has to say is what he’s trying not to say.“ Master of the Senate

„And he worked himself, worked himself. He had made up his mind to be President, and he was demonic in his drive.“ Master of the Senate

„If you do everything, you’ll win“ Master of the Senate

„if one characteristic of Lyndon Johnson was a boundless ambition, another was a willingness, on behalf of that ambition, to make efforts that were also without bounds.“ Means of Ascent

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