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Eric Foner

Datum narození: 7. únor 1943
Další jména: エリック・フォーナー


Eric Foner je americký historik.

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„The Confederate government increasingly molded its policies in the interest of the planter class.“

— Eric Foner
[ Reconstruction: America's Unfinished Revolution, 1863-1877] (1988). pp. 14–15

„Essentially what Lincoln said is slavery is a form of theft, the theft of labor, one person stealing another person's labor without that person’s permission.“

— Eric Foner
As quoted in [ "Lincoln's Nuanced View of Slavery Explained By Renowned Historian"], by Michelle Merlin, The Register Citizen (9 August 2012)


„If Robert E. Lee, who rebelled against the American government, deserves one, then why doesn't Nat Turner, who led a slave rebellion?“

— Eric Foner
As quoted in [ "Trump says it is 'foolish' to remove Confederate symbols"] (17 August 2017), by Neil Munshi,

„I admire Lincoln very much.“

— Eric Foner
[ The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery] (2010) p. xx

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