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Jeremias Gotthelf

Datum narození: 4. říjen 1797
Datum úmrtí: 22. říjen 1854

Jeremias Gotthelf, rodným jménem Albert Bitzius byl švýcarský spisovatel a protestantský kněz. Svůj literární pseudonym si zvolil podle hlavního hrdiny jedné ze svých ranných próz Bauernspiegel .

„Poděkování není ponížení, ale známka jasného rozumu…<br“

„Hard by the church stood the public house; so often the two are closely conjoined, honorably sharing both joys and sorrows.“ Die schwarze Spinne

„And now Christine felt as if her face was bursting open and glowing coals were being birthed from it, quickening into life and swarming across her face and all her limbs, and everything within her face had sprung to life, a fiery swarming all across her body. In the lightning’s pallid glow she saw, long-legged and venomous, innumerable black spiderlings scurrying down her limbs and out into the night, and as they vanished they were followed, long-legged and venomous, by innumerable others.“ Die schwarze Spinne

„Christine always wanted to know what was afoot, and any matter on which she was prevented from giving her opinion she took to be going badly.“ Die schwarze Spinne

„For where belief dwells, the spider may not stir, neither by day nor by night.“ Die schwarze Spinne

„They had no thought for the meaning of Christmas and had planned to have a wildly merry time.“ Die schwarze Spinne

„All had suddenly lost their taste for vainglory and pride, they consigned these vices to the lowest circle of hell and would scarcely have believed even God had He assured them that just days before they themselves had ignominiously flaunted them; they were pious once more, wearing their meanest clothes and holding their old, despised rosaries in their hands, altogether convinced that they had always been like this, and if God Himself was not convinced, it was not for their want of trying.“ Die schwarze Spinne

„Then the green man’s face grew even blacker, the red beard so red it seemed to crackle and sparkle like fir twigs on the fire; the mouth contracted to an arrow-like point before it opened to inquire in the sweetest, gentlest tones.“ Die schwarze Spinne

„Usually the knights would build their castles above a road, just as inns are now built beside the road, the better to plunder the people going past, though admittedly in different ways.“ Die schwarze Spinne

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