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Kingsley Amis

Datum narození: 16. duben 1922
Datum úmrtí: 22. říjen 1995

Sir Kingsley William Amis [Ejmis] byl anglický spisovatel a básník.

„Jestliže nejste schopni nikoho naštvat, nemá cenu pouštět se do psaní.“

„"Jim se přesně hodí, že se tak cítíš, ty blázne:"
"Komu se to hodí?"
"Ale můj Bože, přece JIM. Těm nahoře, hlídačům v parku, učitelům, uvaděčům v kinech, průvodčím, prostě těmhle lidem. Těm, kteří ti chtějí pokazit radost ze života."“

„Manželství je dobrá zkratka, jak se dostat k pravdě.“

„If you can't annoy somebody, there is little point in writing.“ Lucky Jim

„Consciousness was upon him before he could get out of the way.“

„Dixon was alive again. Consciousness was upon him before he could get out of the way; not for him the slow, gracious wandering from the halls of sleep, but a summary, forcible ejection. He lay sprawled, too wicked to move, spewed up like a broken spider-crab on the tarry shingle of morning. The light did him harm, but not as much as looking at things did; he resolved, having done it once, never to move his eyeballs again. A dusty thudding in his head made the scene before him beat like a pulse. His mouth had been used as a latrine by some small creature of the night, and then as its mausoleum. During the night, too, he'd somehow been on a cross-country run and then been expertly beaten up by secret police. He felt bad.“ Lucky Jim

„... all his faces were designed to express rage or loathing. Now that something had happened which really deserved a face, he had none to celebrate it with. As a kind of token, he made his Sex Life in Ancient Rome face.“ Lucky Jim

„The rewards for being sane may not be very many, but knowing what's funny is one of them.“

„I'll pour you the first one and after that, if you don't have one, it's your own f****** fault. You know where it is.“ Everyday Drinking

„Nice things are nicer than nasty ones.“ Lucky Jim

„Death has this much to be said for it:
You don't have to get out of bed for it.
Wherever you happen to be
They bring it to you—free.“

„Doing what you wanted to do was the only training, and the only preliminary, needed for doing more of what you wanted to do.“ Lucky Jim

„Jake was close to tears. In that moment he saw the world in its true light, as a place where nothing had ever been any good and nothing of significance done: no art worth a second look, no philosophy of the slightest appositeness, no law but served the state, no history that gave an inkling of how it had been and what had happened. And no love, only egotism, infatuation and lust.“ Jake's Thing

„One of the great benefits of organised religion is that you can be forgiven your sins, which must be a wonderful thing... I mean, I carry my sins around with me, there's nobody there to forgive them.“

„When that ineffable compound of depression, sadness (these two are not the same), anxiety, self-hatred, sense of failure and fear for the future begins to steal over you, start telling yourself that what you have is a hangover. You are not sickening for anything, you have not suffered a minor brain lesion, you are not all that bad at your job, your family and friends are not leagued in a conspiracy of barely maintained silence about what a s**t you are, you have not come at last to see life as it really is and there is no use crying over spilt milk.“

„Only a world without love strikes me as instantly and decisively more terrible than one without music.“

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