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Luigi Pirandello

Datum narození: 28. červen 1867
Datum úmrtí: 10. prosinec 1936

Luigi Pirandello byl italský dramatik, prozaik a básník, nositel Nobelovy ceny za literaturu za rok 1934.

„Jeden blázen, to je legrace, ale většina bláznů přijde draho.“

„Myslíme si o sobě to, co se nám líbí a nevidíme se takový, jací jsme ve skutečnosti, ale jací chceme být podle ideální představy, kterou jsme si o sobě vytvořili.“

„Ženy jsou jako sny - nikdy nejsou takové, jaké bys je chtěl mít.“

„Někteří čtou, aby přemýšleli; těch je málo. Někteří čtou, aby psali; těch je víc. Někteří čtou, aby hovořili; těch je nejvíc.“

„Nikdy nepochopím, proč vlastně psychiatři studují medicínu. Měli by si vybrat práva. Jenom řeční. Čím větší žvanil, tím větší kapacita.“

„Life is full of strange absurdities, which, strangely enough, do not even need to appear plausible, since they are true.“ Six Characters in Search of an Author

„THE FATHER: But don't you see that the whole trouble lies here? In words, words. Each one of us has within him a whole world of things, each man of us his own special world. And how can we ever come to an understanding if I put in the words I utter the sense and value of things as I see them; while you who listen to me must inevitably translate them according to the conception of things each one of you has within himself. We think we understand each other, but we never really do.“ Six Characters In Search of an Author

„Each of us, face to face with other men, is clothed with some sort of dignity, but we know only too well all the unspeakable things that go on in the heart.“ Six Characters in Search of an Author and Other Plays

„Our spirits have their own private way of understanding each other, of becoming intimate, while our external persons are still trapped in the commerce of ordinary words, in the slavery of social rules. Souls have their own needs and their own ambitions, which the body ignores when it sees that it's impossible to satisfy them or achieve them.“

„Inevitably we construct ourselves. Let me explain. I enter this house and immediately I become what I have to become, what I can become: I construct myself. That is, I present myself to you in a form suitable to the relationship I wish to achieve with you. And, of course, you do the same with me.“

„Whatever is a reality today, whatever you touch and believe in and that seems real for you today, is going to be, like the reality of yesterday, an illusion tomorrow.“

„No name. No memory today of yesterday’s name; of today’s name, tomorrow. If the name is the thing; if a name in us is the concept of every thing placed outside of us; and without a name you don’t have the concept, and the thing remains in us as if blind, indistinct and undefined: well then, let each carve this name that I bore among men, a funeral epigraph, on the brow of that image in which I appeared to him, and then leave it in peace, and let there be no more talk about it. It is fitting for the dead. For those who have concluded. I am alive and I do not conclude. Life does not conclude. And life knows nothing of names. This tree, tremulous pulse of new leaves. I am this tree. Tree, cloud; tomorrow book or wind: the book I read, the wind I drink. All outside, wandering.“ One, None, and One Hundred Thousand

„It is so. When YOU think so“

„For man never reasons so much and becomes so introspective as when he suffers; since he is anxious to get at the cause of his sufferings, to learn who has produced them, and whether it is just or unjust that he should have to bear them. On the other hand, when he is happy, he takes his happiness as it comes and doesn't analyse it, just as if happiness were his right.“ Six Characters in Search of an Author

„E l’amore guardò il tempo e rise, perché sapeva di non averne bisogno. Finse di morire per un giorno, e di rifiorire alla sera, senza leggi da rispettare. Si addormentò in un angolo di cuore per un tempo che non esisteva. Fuggì senza allontanarsi, ritornò senza essere partito, il tempo moriva e lui restava.“

„This is the real drama for me; the belief that we all, you see, think of ourselves as one single person: but it's not true: each of us is several different people, and all these people live inside us. With one person we seem like this and with another we seem very different. But we always have the illusion of being the same person for everybody and of always being the same person in everything we do. But it's not true! It's not true! We find this out for ourselves very clearly when by some terrible chance we're suddenly stopped in the middle of doing something and we're left dangling there, suspended. We realize then, that every part of us was not involved in what we'd been doing and that it would be a dreadful injustice of other people to judge us only by this one action as we dangle there, hanging in chains, fixed for all eternity, as if the whole of one's personality were summed up in that single, interrupted action.“

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