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Parvíz Mušaraf

Datum narození: 11. srpen 1943

Gen. Parvíz Mušaraf , urdsky پرويز مشرف‎‎ je bývalý prezident a předseda vlády Pákistánu. Také zastával funkci nejvyššího velitele ozbrojených sil.

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„Islám učí toleranci ne nenávisti, univerzálnímu bratrství, a nikoliv nepřátelství, míru a ne násilí, pokroku, a ne fanatismu.“

„I was enraged by these heinous acts of barbarism - enraged that people who called themselves Muslims could launch an unprovoked attack on Christians or foreigners, enraged that through their vile acts these terrorists were perverting our faith, which tells us that Christians are among the "people of the Book", that we should show discernment when fighting for the cause of God and not fight those who have not harmed us, that murder and suicide are grievous sins.“ In the Line of Fire

„When one demands equal rights for women, one needs to assess in which areas women can work better than men, in which they can work like men, and in which they need protection and affirmative action for when they cannot work like men.“ In the Line of Fire

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