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Phineas Taylor Barnum

Datum narození: 5. červenec 1810
Datum úmrtí: 7. duben 1891


Phineas Taylor Barnum, také známý jako P. T. Barnum , byl americký podnikatel a zakladatel cirkusu "Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey".

Citáty Phineas Taylor Barnum


„There's a sucker born every minute.“

— P.T. Barnum
Commonly attributed to Barnum, there is much testimony of contemporaries that he never actually said this, and in [ "P. T. Barnum Never Did Say "There's a Sucker Born Every Minute"] R. J. Brown asserts that it actually originated with a banker named David Hannum, in reference to one of Barnum's hoaxes: a replica of the Cardiff Giant.


„In fact, as a general thing, money-getters are the benefactors of our race.“

— P.T. Barnum
[ Ch. 20: "Preserve your integrity"]

„I am a showman by profession... and all the gilding shall make nothing else of me.“

— P.T. Barnum
As quoted in Philip B. Kunhardt, et alm P. T. Barnum: America's Greatest Showman (1995), , p. vi

„Every crowd has a silver lining.“

— P.T. Barnum
The first appearance of this quote in print was in the [ July 1908 issue] of the journal Profitable Advertising under the heading "Modernized Maxims." It next appeared in the [ June 1911 issue] of The Philistine where Elbert Hubbard labeled it: "motto for a hotel-keeper." In the [ 1920s], it was published with the label: "Pickpocket's motto." The attribution to P.T. Barnum didn't appear in print until a [ 1934 article] in Reader's Digest.


„Politeness and civility are the best capital ever invested in business.“

— P.T. Barnum
[ Ch. 17: "Be polite and kind to your customers"]

„The best kind of charity is to help those who are willing to help themselves.“

— P.T. Barnum
[ Ch. 18: "Be charitable"]

„The plan of "counting the chickens before they are hatched" is an error of ancient date, but it does not seem to improve by age.“

— P.T. Barnum
[ Ch. 10: "Let hope predominate but be not too visionary"]

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