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Traudl Jungeová

Datum narození: 16. březen 1920
Datum úmrtí: 10. únor 2002

Traudl Junge, vlastním jménem Gertraud Junge, byla Hitlerova nejmladší a nejbližší osobní sekretářka.

Citáty Traudl Jungeová

„Není to žádná omluva, když je člověk mladý a hloupý, ale že člověk si ty věci mohl i tenkrát zjistit.“

„Jako člověk byl skromný a milý, jako Vůdce velikášský a tvrdý, žil jen pro své poslání, o kterém mnohdy tvrdil, že od něj vyžaduje nesmírné oběti. “

„Now that I've let go of my story, I can let go of my life.“ Until the Final Hour: Hitler's Last Secretary

„We should listen to the voice of conscience. It does not take nearly as much courage as one might think to admit to our mistakes and learn from them. Human beings are in this world to learn and to change themselves in learning.“ Until the Final Hour: Hitler's Last Secretary

„When she finally and after a series of chance events found herself in Hitler’s presence, she says, it was too late to resist. Today she knows that she let herself be dazzled by him – not by his ideological and political intentions, in which she never took any particular interest, but by Hitler’s personality.“ Hitler's Last Secretary: A Firsthand Account of Life with Hitler

„But when Hitler wanted Professor Blaschke to agree with him that smoking was one of the most harmful abuses of all and had a particularly bad effect on the teeth, he met with firm opposition. Blaschke himself was a heavy smoker, and perhaps therefore more tolerant than he should have been from a medical point of view. He claimed that smoking was positively good for you, because it disinfected the oral cavity and stimulated the blood supply. In a normal context, he said, smoking wasn’t at all harmful. But Hitler wouldn’t hear of it. ‘Smoking is and always will be one of the most dangerous of habits, and quite apart from the fact that I personally find the smell of cigar or cigarette smoke disgusting, I wouldn’t offer anyone I value or love a cigarette or cigar, because I’d be doing him no service. It has been shown for certain that non-smokers live“ Hitler's Last Secretary: A Firsthand Account of Life with Hitler

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