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William Turner

Datum narození: 23. duben 1775
Datum úmrtí: 19. prosinec 1851

Joseph Mallord William Turner byl anglický romantický krajinář, jenž bývá pokládán za předchůdce impresionismu. Přestože byl ve své době pokládán za rozporuplnou osobnost, považujeme jej dnes za umělce, jemuž se podařilo, že se do té doby poměrně přehlížené krajinomalbě dostalo téhož uznání, jakému se u veřejnosti těšila malba historická.

„Slunce je Bůh.“ poslední slova

„... indistinctness is my forte...“

„My business is to paint what I see, not what I know is there.“

„J. M. W. Turner's Poem dedicated to Ivan Aivazovsky (1842)

Like a curtain slowly drawn
It stops suddenly half open,
Or, like grief itself, filled with gentle hope,
It becomes lighter in the shore-less dark,
Thus the moon barely wanes
Winding her way above the storm-tossed sea.
Stand upon this hill and behold endlessly
This scene of a formidable sea,
And it will seem to thee a waking dream.
That secret mind flowing in thee
Which even the day cannot scatter,
The serenity of thinking and the beating of the heart
Will enchain thee in this vision;
This golden-silver moon
Standing lonely over the sea,
All curtain the grief of even the hopeless.
And it appears that through the tempest
Moves a light caressing wind,
While the sea swells up with a roar,
Sometimes, like a battlefield it looks to me
The tempestuous sea,
Where the moon itself is a brilliant golden crown
Of a great king.
But even that moon is always beneath thee
Oh Master most high,
Oh forgive thou me
If even this master was frightened for a moment
Oh, noble moment, by art betrayed…
And how may one not delight in thee,
Oh thou young boy, but forgive thou me,
If I shall bend my white head
Before thy art divine
Thy bliss-wrought genius...“
J.M.W. Turner

„I hate married men; they never make any sacrifice to the Arts, but are always thinking of their duty to their wives and families, or some rubbish of that sort.“

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